Which Vitiligo Has Bad Prognosis?? Know In the Full Blog Here!

Which Vitiligo has Bad Prognosis

Wondering Which Vitiligo has bad prognosis? Then read the full blog to know the different kinds of Vitiligo and which of them has a bad diagnosis?

So, let’s begin the blog and understand these terms…


Vitiligo is a kind of skin disorder that creates white patches on the skin.

Moreover, the white patches appear due to the loss of melanin in our bodies.

With that said, Melanin gives color to our body that is produced by Melanocyte.

Which Vitiligo Has Bad Prognosis

Vitiligo has many kinds some of them are severe and some are mild.

So, generally, there are two types of Vitiligo Segmental Vitiligo & non-segmental Vitiligo.

And, one of the Segmental Vitiligo is Mucosal Vitiligo that appears around the Membrane of the Mouth.

Note: If you are afflicting from the same disorder, then going for stable Vitiligo treatment, hence you can also go for Melacyn the vitiligo best cream in india developed by Aldan Healthcare.

Mucosal Vitiligo Has Bad Prognosis

Mucosal Vitiligo covers the small area of the mouth, thus sometimes it’s getting hard to diagnose the Disorder.

Moreover, it’s a kind of Non-Segmental Vitiligo but affects only 5 to 10% of people.

How Long Does It Take For Vitiligo to Spread?

So, for some people, Vitiligo spreads very quickly and in some cases takes years to spread.

Although, it’s hard to tell exactly how much time Vitiligo takes to spread.

How to Stop Vitiligo from Spreading?

There are several natural ways to prevent Vitiligo from Spreading and we’ll discuss the important ones.

Hence, you know now Which Vitiligo Has Bad Prognosis? But, it’s also necessary to understand certain measures to prevent the disorder from spreading.

Follow These Home Remedies:

  • Go for fruits like Apple, Banana, and Papaya.
  • Say yes to green leafy vegetables in your diet.
  • Include some Vitamins like Vitamin B, C, D, B-12, or Folic Acid.
  • Some Minerals can also help like Copper, Iron, Zinc.

Apart from these home remedies, you can also opt for the best solution i.e., Melacyn developed by one of the Top Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies in India “Aldan Healthcare”.

Moreover, if talking about the Vitiligo Permanent Treatment, there is no permanent cure that has been researched, however, the proper supplements and remedies can suppress the effect.

Vitiligo in Private Parts

While appearing on the different body parts, Vitiligo can also occur in the genital area of women and men.

Moreover, in men, the white patches appear over the penis also known as Penile Vitiligo.

On the other hand, in women it appears on the  Vagina, thus causing Vitiligo in Private Parts.

Is Turmeric Bad for Vitiligo?

It’s the most common remedy you’ve all heard for treating Vitiligo.

Moreover, it’s one of the best Stable Vitiligo treatments but will work only in mild cases.

You can apply a mixture of Turmeric and Mustard Oil to the affected area daily.

Laser Treatment for Vitiligo Cost

It’s hard to tell the exact cost of the treatment as it depends on your condition.

Hence, the more severe your condition is, the more amount you’ll be charged.

Melacyn Gel Cream

Melacyn is the finest Vitiligo treatment cream in India, it’s a very safe and effective cream to treat Vitiligo.

Moreover, it’s made with plant-based Nigella Sativa Extract.

Likewise, the cream helps in fighting Melanocyte destruction and is also Paraben-free.

Although, you must take a doctor’s advice before going for the cream.

The Conclusion

Vitiligo is a very hectic disorder, and if you looking for pictures of Vitiligo, then check out them on the internet.

Now, we wrap up our blog here; hope you have got all the information regarding Which Vitiligo Has Bad Prognosis?

However, if you feel any kind of further queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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