Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope, Course Details/Syllabus & Salary

aircraft maintenance engineering scope

Now a days, by seeing the current and future aircraft maintenance engineering scope everybody want to know how to become aircraft maintenance engineer in India. If you are here to know the answer of this question, you are at right place. You will know here all the details regarding aircraft maintenance course.

So let’s start with the working of aircraft maintenance engineer, after this you will get to know about What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course? as well as aircraft maintenance engineering scope.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Job Description

An aircraft maintenance engineer is totally responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and safely. A maintenance engineer of aircraft may make repairs, troubleshoot problems, conduct inspections and make upgrades to aircraft. Daily duties may include keeping records of and performing scheduled maintenance, making emergency repairs, or preparing for inspection.

An aircraft maintenance engineer generally works with specialized aviation and power tools, computers, diagnostic equipment and x-ray machines. While working, he or she may climb ladders or stand on scaffolds, manage other maintenance staff or spend hours on emergency repairs. Maintenance engineers must carefully observe all rules and regulations when performing any job duty.

Now, you can understand that how necessary they are in aviation industry. So, you are now very curious about the engineer’s salary even a search data show many people want to know about aircraft maintenance salary.

Here you will know the details on after aircraft engineering salary because that is deeply related with the aircraft maintenance engineering scope.

But, for now move on to aircraft maintenance engineering course details.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details

You want to know the course details so that you may judge your calibre for this course but know one thing, it is decided as aircraft maintenance engineering qualification. So, don’t think about calibre, if you are interested than institutes like BIA Patna are ready to make you an aircraft maintenance engineer. Here are the aircraft maintenance engineering course details, you have to go through as to get a licence of aircraft maintenance course.


The Category A1 (LINE MAINTENANCE) licence is a Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers licence to cover Jet Engine Powered Aeroplanes.

Duration – Two year, one year for deep learning about aircraft and related parts. One another year is for practical training at AIR INDIA.

Module – You have to complete almost seventeen modules for this licence.


Category B1.1 (BASE MAINTENANCE) Basic Licence includes all the privileges of category A1 Line Maintenance. After attaining Type Rating for an especial aircraft, you will becomes a full-fledged Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Duration – Four year, two year for deep learning about aircraft and another two year for practical training at AIR INDIA.

Module – You have to complete almost twenty modules for this licence.

One thing you should know that it is not a diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering, it is a licence course authorized by DGCA, GOVT. OF INDIA.

Now, it’s time to know the aircraft maintenance engineering scope in future. Visit website of aviation training institute in Patna to know the aircraft maintenance engineering syllabus.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope

You know Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope can give you the answer of the question coming in your mind – How is aircraft maintenance engineering as a career?

  • Airlines World is facing shortage of Aircraft Engineers. World is rising so quickly in aviation direction. The air transport is the quickest and safest means of transport. The Air passengers are increasing in Abroad. The licensed AME can work in India as well as in abroad. The salaries of Indian AMEs or you can say DGCA AMEs are more in abroad as compare to India.
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO):

There are many MRO Organisations in the abroad so the requirements of AME in abroad are huge in numbers and it’s increasing year by year. The components such as land gearing, engines, wings etc. are pre checked, maintained as well as repaired in MRO.

So, there are a huge opportunity waiting for you.

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