How To Get Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is all about the maintenance of aircraft and its respective components.

Regarding this maintenance, the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license is mandatory.

This license is actually like a degree in the aviation sector. It is valid in India as well as overseas.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) with a license has job opportunities in the private as well as in the government sector in India and overseas. DGCA (Govt. of India) issues this license.

Why AME License is Required?

As mentioned earlier, an AME license is sort of mandatory to become an AME.

AME license has been referred to as the mandatory qualification to maintain and clarify the aircraft. Every AME must hold this license.

The AME license is valid internationally and is recognized by the International bodies that do deal with safety and security rules as well as regulations for civil aviation in the world.

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Future of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the best career option for those who are looking to establish a career in the aviation industry.

As a fast-developing country, India has a very high growth of its economy, Aviation is an important part of it. Without the growth of the Indian Aviation market, the economy of the country cannot grow.

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Why Study Aircraft Maintenance Engineering | Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope


Why study aircraft maintenance engineering?

Well, it’s definitely a good field of study. Furthermore,  Aircraft Maintenance Course is related to aircrafts repair, maintenance, troubleshoot problems, and make upgrades to aircraft.

Aircraft maintenance engineering colleges are different as compared to traditional engineering colleges who conduct courses like BE and B Tech.

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AME Entrance Exam 2020 | Common Aptitude Test for Scholarship 2020

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering has emerged as the most attractive career options after 10+2 science. Because of the increasing demand of the Aviation Industry and AME scopes, more students are attracted to this field.

Additionally, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering also provides high returns, more satisfaction, and respect in society. That is why, many of them are now diverting their careers towards Aircraft Maintenance Course from mainstream engineering courses.

Thus, the number of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India is also increasing in order to fulfill the requirement of the sector by providing skillful students.

Therefore, if you are looking for the Top AME College in Patna, you must choose the Bharat Institute of Aeronautics over other Aviation College in Patna. In order to know, why to choose BIA Patna over other Aviation Colleges in Patna, read the next section. 

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope, Course Details/Syllabus & Salary

Now a days, by seeing the current and future aircraft maintenance engineering scope everybody want to know how to become aircraft maintenance engineer in India. If you are here to know the answer of this question, you are at right place. You will know here all the details regarding aircraft maintenance course.

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Aircraft maintenance engineering Course Fees

Aircraft maintenance engineering is a good option for your career. As we know that India has tremendous growth in aviation industry. More jobs is coming in next five years, so joining this course can get you a great future.

The job of aircraft maintenance engineer is quite an adventurous job. Particularly, it is a job of responsibility of a number of populations travelling in the aircraft. Although the eligibility for the aircraft maintenance course is 12th Std. or diploma. Some people have a misconception that it is a diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering. However, it is a license program approved by DGCA, Govt. of India. Here are some courses offered by institute of aircraft maintenance engineering.

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What Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course, Criteria & Duration

These days, students are eagerly seeking to know about an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course, and Criteria for the joining.

The students who are anxious about this career, they can read this blog and find out everything they need to know about AME.

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How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


Do you have a dream of becoming an aircraft maintenance engineer?

For every aspiring soul, it would be the most exciting decision to make their career as an aircraft maintenance engineering profile.

It’s one of the most reputed job profiles in aviation.

Like, a pilot is the captain of the aircraft in the sky, similarly an aircraft maintenance engineer is the captain on the ground.

Here we are writing this blog to provide all ins and outs about aircraft maintenance engineering.

If you want to know How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), this blog would be greatly useful to you. It may guide you in the path to become a successful aircraft maintenance engineer.

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What Are Career Opportunities in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering would be an exciting career if you are looking for something other than a medical or regular engineering courses.

If you are interested to know about Career Opportunities in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, then this blog is for you.

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ensures the safety and maintenance of an aircraft and keep it airworthy.

The basic responsibilities of an Aircraft Engineer is to make repairs, troubleshoot problems, conduct inspections and make upgrades to aircrafts.

Aviation is one of the most rapidly growing industry in the world adding lots of potential in the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope.

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BIA – Best for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Patna

Are you searching the best institute for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) in Patna?

You have arrived to the right place now.

Here in this blog, we are providing the details about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering DGCA Approved Institute.

In addition to this, we also explain Aircraft Maintenance Course Details, Criteria and admission process.

In every aspects of success, Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA) is considered to be the best institute for Aeronautical Engineering in Patna.

Wanna know how??

Keep reading this blog……

Why to Choose Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA) for Aviation Course in Patna?

BIA Patna has achieved a remarkable position in terms of providing the best theoretical and practical education in Aviation.

There is facility of Smart Classrooms which would be the part of your daily study. It helps updating the students’ learning with recent technologies.

BIA believes in creating an excellent & impeccable training record and rendering successful career for students.

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics Patna Placement Rate going up every year that shows up its real success.

For a new student

BIA Patna is setting a significant record in the aviation industry by providing the best quality academic and hands-on practices.

Here, students get the opportunities to advance their professionalism and drive their career forward.

BIA is the best institute for Aeronautical Engineering in Patna having a worldwide network of professionals.

BIA is the best aviation training institute in Patna having a worldwide network of professionals.

The constant increment in BIA Patna Placement Rate is obviously motivating more and more students to join this institute.

Thus, if you are searching the Best AME Institute in India for pursuing Aviation Course, you can join BIA Patna.

Aircraft Maintenance Course Details

The Aircraft Maintenance Course is basically classified into two parts which are given as:

A1 (1+1 Years): It’s for the Basic AME license that covers Jet Engine Powered Aircraft.

B1.1 (2+2 Years): This course provides you the Base-maintenance license that covers all the privileges of the Line Maintenance and a Major

Maintenance for particular type of Aircraft. After attaining the Type Rating for a particular aircraft, you will become a full-fledged Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

The academic knowledge you’ll gather in classrooms and hands-on practices in flying environment.

If you want to know more about Aircraft maintenance engineering course details, you can visit BIA Official Website.

Moreover, if you want to know Bharat Institute of Aeronautics Patna Fee Structure, it’s also available on the website.

How to Take Admission in BIA Patna

Now, if you are interested to take admission and looking for the BIA Patna Admission Process then find the details here.

At first, check the eligibility criteria as given below:

Eligibility Criteria for the Aviation Course

  • 10+2 Pass with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics as major subjects.
  • Minimum age at the time of admission is 16 years.
  • Medical fitness certificate issued by Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Candidates who have done diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic & Aeronautical stream can also apply.

You must read and understand the eligibility criteria before you apply for the entrance exam.

You also should know and possess all the documents related to educational qualifications.

Now, if you find yourself eligible for the course in all aspects then you can take admission online through the official website.

The apply links with instructions are available on the website.

Just follow the instructions and apply online.