What Is The Recovery Time For Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair?

In this blog, Find out What Is The Recovery Time For Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair?

Meniscus is a piece of cartilage existing in the knee. The operation to repair or remove the meniscus is often called meniscus surgery.

The procedure is done with an aim to reduce the pain while increasing the mobility. While the surgery takes an hour to complete, the rehabilitation takes a period of few weeks.

To be precise, the meniscus surgery success rate thoroughly depends on the surgeon that you are opting to.

Coming back to the point, lets discuss and know more about Meniscus Repair in the next section.

What is Meniscus Surgery?

Well, each of our knee has two menisci. They primarily act as a shock absorber in the knee joint. If by any chance, your meniscus gets injured or torn, your health expert will recommend you to go for a surgery. Continue reading “What Is The Recovery Time For Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair?”

Can Knee Replacement Cause Restless Leg Syndrome

Go through the blog to know Can Knee Replacement Cause Restless Leg Syndrome

We understand how frustrating it could get when you want to rest but the constant sensation in your legs makes you unable to sleep after total knee replacement.

Well, you can completely get away with it by taking necessary measures.

In order to get rid of the unbearable pain in the knee, people often prefer going for knee replacement surgery.

However, what further intensify the risk is the chances of going through restless leg syndrome followed by the knee replacement surgery.

But the question that remains unanswered is can knee replacement cause restless leg syndrome? Well, it solely depends on the surgeon.

If you go for the best kind of surgery, you can rest assured of the positive consequences.

Moreover, if you are someone residing in Patna, Bihar…Then you must contact Dr. Ramakant Kumar since he is the best knee replacement doctor in Patna.

Before moving further, lets find out what exactly is Restless leg syndrome and how does it affects. Continue reading “Can Knee Replacement Cause Restless Leg Syndrome”

Where Does Osteoarthritis Commonly Occur?

Suffering from the Stern pain of Osteoarthritis…..then you must be seeking the answer to the question Where Does Osteoarthritis Commonly Occur?

Though, before apprehending that, you must be knowing what Osteoarthritis actually is.

Osteoarthritis is a kind of common condition that mainly affects the joints of our body……In most cases, it occurs in the knee, feet, mainly the areas that bear lots of pressure.

Well, we can understand that it might be painful for you living with osteoarthritis of the knee…..that’s why we’re here with the effective treatment solutions & also the explanation behind what causes osteoarthritis, & what are the major symptoms of osteoarthritis. Continue reading “Where Does Osteoarthritis Commonly Occur?”

Absolute Reasons to Visit an Orthopedic Doctor

Do you have a knee or back injury every day?  Do you have a wound that does not seem to heal? These are just some of the common reasons why people go to an orthopedist. But Here are some common Reasons to Visit an Orthopedic Doctor.

What Does an Orthopedic Doctor Do?

Orthopedic doctors are also known as an orthopedic surgeon, they help in focusing on muscular issues.

Moreover, their duty is to diagnose & treat the conditions that affect the muscular system.

Apart from that, they help in preventing injuries like arthritis, form getting them more worse.

Some Special areas of othopedic that orthopedic doctors treat are: Continue reading “Absolute Reasons to Visit an Orthopedic Doctor”

Is a Knee Arthroscopy Excruciating? Get Treated by Dr. Ramakant

Are you looking for an answer to the question, “Does knee arthroscopy hurt?” Have a look at this website… because it includes an appropriate response to this question… The knee is a highly complex structural component of the body that necessitates special care.

Your primary care physician may recommend it if you have aggravation or inflammation in a joint, or if you have harmed a joint. In such cases, Dr. Ramakant Kumar, one of the best knee arthroscopy specialists in Patna, should be consulted.

What to expect after arthroscopic knee surgery?

You can expect to have your vital signs monitored by healthcare professionals following the procedure. Continue reading “Is a Knee Arthroscopy Excruciating? Get Treated by Dr. Ramakant”

When Does Shoulder Dislocation Require Surgery? Dr. Ramakant Kumar

Go through this blog to know, When Does Shoulder Dislocation Require Surgery….

Extruding the head of the humerus from the shoulder causes dislocation of the shoulder.

Surgical and non-surgical treatments are also given to prevent confusion.

However, surgery may be needed immediately or when you are suffering from severe pain.

When Does Shoulder Dislocation Require Surgery

Shoulder dislocation, also known as shoulder instability, makes it difficult to move the shoulder properly.

However, depending on your mood position, your shoulders may be partially or completely off. Continue reading “When Does Shoulder Dislocation Require Surgery? Dr. Ramakant Kumar”

When is Shoulder Arthroscopy Needed? Ask Dr. Ramakant Kumar

When is shoulder arthroscopy needed? If you really care about this question, you should read this blog to resolve it.

At the end of this blog … we absolutely guarantee that you will get all the relevant information about shoulder arthroscopy.

In the first place, shoulder arthroscopy is a type of procedure used to diagnose and treat shoulder problems.

Apart from that, how many incisions are required for arthroscopic shoulder surgery? Second, 3-4 small incisions are needed during surgery. Overall, insert an incision with an arthroscope to examine the problem.

What Is Shoulder Arthroscopy?

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery used to examine and treat shoulder-related problems. Continue reading “When is Shoulder Arthroscopy Needed? Ask Dr. Ramakant Kumar”

Is it Possible for Hip Replacement to Cause Bowel Issues?

Hip replacement could be a tough surgery to go through. However, there are very few cases where a person, for example, could face certain uneasiness after the surgery. However, one such question that patients like you ask is can hip replacement cause bowel problems.

So, we’re here to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to get surgery.

It’s normal to experience some soreness following surgery, although this only lasts a few days. However, if you are worried about some of the factors like stomach ulcer after hip replacement or pain in abdomen after hip replacement surgery, then you should definitely be able to find your answers here.

Can Hip Replacement cause Bowel Problems?

Yes! Constipation/bowel movement is a common side effect of any treatment, and it is commonly brought on by anesthesia or certain drugs. Plus, you’re probably not moving as much as you were before the surgery. All of these factors can cause you to become backed up. Continue reading “Is it Possible for Hip Replacement to Cause Bowel Issues?”

Are you Suffering from Additional Pain as a Result of your Torn Meniscus? Please contact Dr. Ramakant Kumar!!!

If you have a torn meniscus in your knee and want to know Can meniscus tear cause hip pain, you’ve come to the correct spot. However, Dr. Ramakant Kumar, a reputable Orthopaedic Doctor in Patna, can provide you some good and practical pain-relieving advice.

Any activity that causes you to twist or rotate your knee hard, especially when you are putting your entire weight on it, can cause a torn meniscus.

Let’s go through some of the aspects linked to the locations of the body where a meniscus tear can produce pain.

Can a Knee Injury Cause Hip Pain?

The severity of the injury is determine by the quantity of damage and how completely the fibers are torn—a strain is a least severe type, while a sprain is the most severe. Continue reading “Are you Suffering from Additional Pain as a Result of your Torn Meniscus? Please contact Dr. Ramakant Kumar!!!”