5 Best Quad Workouts with Dumbells – Get Stronger Legs!

Best Quad Workouts With Dumbells

Strong leg muscles are essential for full-body fitness and the overall development of other muscle groups in the body.

Yes, the more you train your legs, the better your muscle growth will be. Hitting leg muscles 2-3 times per week increases the body’s testosterone production.

And, with a high testosterone level, you will get better body muscle mass and energy levels. There are five major muscle groups in the lower body quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hips, and calves.

All these muscles are essential to training in order to increase the strength and power of your legs. But today, we will focus on only one muscle group called Quadriceps.

In this blog, we will discuss the five best Quad Workouts with Dumbbells that will give you powerful and defined Quadriceps.

But before that, let’s have a quick look at the benefits of Best Quad Workouts With Dumbells.

Benefits Of Doing Quadriceps Exercises

The Quadriceps is the large group of muscles in front of the thigh part of the legs. This large muscle group is a knee and primary hip extensor.

It means these muscles are directly attached to your knee joints. Below are some reasons and benefits of training with Best Quad Workouts With Dumbells.

  • Gives more muscle definition and aesthetic, which creates a solid look
  • Increase the pushing power of the lower body
  • With enhanced pushing power, it improves the movements like kicking, jumping, cycling & sprinting
  • Boost testosterone production, which further increases overall muscle growth
  • Improves knee and joint health and increases stability
  • Decreases the risk of knee Osteoarthritis
  • Maintain knee health in the long run, which benefits you in old age

So, these are some of the major benefits of training your Quadriceps.

Now, without wasting time, let’s move on to the next section to see some Best Quad Workouts With Dumbells.

5 Best Qudriceps Workouts You Can Do With Dumbells

The Exercises that we are about to discuss are some best dumbbell exercises to grow the strength of your lower body, especially your Quadriceps.

You can easily do these quad workouts at home with lightweight household objects. Moreover, to make this more challenging, increase the weights by using objects like books or heavy objects.

Below are some of the best dumbbell leg exercises you can try to grow your Quadriceps.

#1. Goblet Squat

It’s a classic form of squat that directly targets quad muscles. To perform the exercise, hold the dumbbell close to your chest and get a tight grip.

Now, do a squat and ensure your torso is in a vertical position with the minimum bend as you go down. Continue the squat until the thighs become parallel to the ground.

Don’t take the dumbbell away from the body. Now, propel yourself up and ensure both hip and shoulder rise simultaneously.

#2. Dumbell Forward Lunges

Lunges are some of the killer exercises of the Quadriceps because of their constant involvement in lowering one down with an eccentric position and then pushing them to get up.

To do this, grab your dumbbells and take a giant step forward. Now start bending your knee and make a perpendicular flexion in the knee. Now, push yourself back to the original position.

Do this with another leg; just make sure to maintain the form correctly.

#3. Walking Lunges

Walking lunges is similar to the Dumbell forward lunges; the only difference here is that you move forward instead of going backward with every step.

This puts more tension on the Quadriceps because you are pulling yourself forward rather than going backward.

Moreover, it challenges leg muscles and improves their stability.

#4. Dumbbell Bulgarian Split

It is one of the most effective and killer Quad workouts with dumbbells. Take a bench or chair and place your back foot or ankle on top of it.

After that, position your front foot and go down all the way until your knee is flexed at 90 degrees. Like the forward lunge and split squat variation makes sure your movement is straight downward rather than forward.

To get better positioning, try this out with bodyweight, then adds dumbbells to increase the difficulty.

#5. Dumbell Front Squat

Squats are a compound exercise that hits all major leg muscles simultaneously. However, by improvising a little bit, it can target single-leg muscles, too, and give awesome results.

Dumbell front squat is a type of exercise that focuses on the quad muscle. To perform this exercise, take a neutral stance and lift the dumbbells in the racked position on your shoulders.

Makes sure to keep your elbows high and bend your hands toward the shoulders, then perform a squat. This will put more tension on the quads/knees rather than on the hips.

So, these are some of the Best Quadricep Workouts with Dumbbells you can try to improve your leg strength and overall power.

With this, we have come to the end of this blog. So, let’s conclude this with some final words.


Having powerful legs has many health benefits. Training legs not only add speed and strength to your legs but also helps to boost overall muscle growth in the body.

In our above discussion, we have seen some best dumbbell quad exercises bodybuilding.

These exercises are solely focused target your Quadriceps. Adding 2-3 sets of each exercise can increase quad growth and give you big aesthetic leg muscles.

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