How Solar Panels Can Benefit Your Business?

commercial solar panels

Solar Power for Business makes sense. And not only financially but strategically as well. In fact, a decision to install a solar panel today will pay back in profits for years.

This blog will detail the many aspects of Solar Benefits for Business. Read on to find out how you can benefit from installing a solar system considering the present scenario.

Solar technology offers untapped potential to increase profits for business houses. Many times when business owners think of installing a solar system, they visualize the heavy burden of one-time installation costs.

But that’s so not true, especially when there are government incentives to cut the costs of installation.

Most importantly, the benefits far outweigh the costs associated with solar.

Commercial Solar Panels Benefits for Businesses

commercial solar panels

Well, it’s undeniable that, as a business owner, you may have to operate on tight budgets. This may not allow you to incur extra charges for installing solar.

But consider the long-term advantages and convenience of solar and you won’t be doubting your decision to go solar anymore.

Check out the following points for more clarification.

#1. Solar Allows You to Cut Operating Expenses

Installing Solar Panels NSW for your business offers the flexibility to use electricity as you please.

The benefits get multiplied when you also install a battery solution along with the system.

This way you can store energy for later use and can use it according to when and how you need it.

This indicates that you’ll be able to cut back on monthly energy bills by using only the power from the solar system.

#2. Full Independence Against Changing Utility Rates

Well, energy prices may go up or down based on the factors beyond your control. And seeing the energy crisis we’re facing, it’s bound to go only higher from now on.

In such a case, you can save a lot by installing a solar system.

In fact, choosing a large solar system like the 10Kw Solar System is the perfect option to meet daily energy needs.

Furthermore, sudden power outages will no longer affect any of your business operations.

#3. The Privilege of Being Called a Sustainable Organisation

Undeniably, people are becoming more aware toward the environment. And they want to switch to the use of products that are more eco-friendly in nature.

Accordingly, people prefer to use the services of companies that are responsible towards the environment and minimize their wastage of the resources.

And if you’re a business representing the use of solar energy, people are naturally going to gravitate towards your services.

Well, these were some major aspects of the Solar Benefits for Business.
Are you ready to install commercial solar panels for your business premises?

Best Commercial Solar Panels Size to Choose for Your Business

Here are the Solar Panels for Business proven to be the most energy-efficient and money-saving in the long run.

Whichever you choose to install, do consider the usefulness of also investing in a battery solution.

#1. 10kw Solar System

As mentioned above, this is one of the best solar system sizes to meet energy needs. Opting for a fully installed system package will offer you a much better cost-benefit ratio.

The 10kw Solar System Price for such a package is just $7,740. And the best part is this package will also include a branded inverter.

#2. 6.6kw Solar System

This is the next best system size after a 10kw solar system. A 6.6kw Solar System NSW is also a great option if your business has average energy requirements.

The 6.6kw Solar System Price comes in two variants:

  • $ 3200 for 6.6kW with Kstar Inverter
  • $ 3800 for 6.6kW with Fronius Inverter

You can opt for anyone depending on your budget and brand preference.

#3. 5kw Solar System

A 5kw Solar Panels System offers substantial power for a small business establishment. Plus, it’s a great start in solar if you want a competitively priced system with highly efficient energy production.

A 5kw Solar System Price is $4,300 including an upgradable inverter.

Consider installing an off-grid 5kw Solar System to get full control over your power usage. Though, grid-connected systems have their own advantages.

Want Hassle-Free Installations?

Choose Solar Beam!!

As a business owner, you may not have the time and willingness to get into the complexities of solar installations. Well, we strive to make things easier for you.

Solar Beam has the expertise and in-house professionals to assist you in going solar within your budget.

Pick any of the above system sizes and get in touch with our representatives to get a quick consultation on the specifics of installation.

We also offer 25-30 years of performance warranty along with an extended warranty of 10 years on some selected inverters.

Not sure how to go about the process of installing a solar system?

Call us @1300-004-077 to get all the details and join in the revolution to make the plant greener while saving money!!


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