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Maintenance and regular services ensure that the vehicle enjoys an extensive lifespan with safer operations.

When it comes to Aviation, the Aircraft Maintenance Services become much more important.

We need to schedule various types of aircraft maintenance inspections at regular intervals in terms of preventing future accidents.

Aircraft maintenance checks are the periodic inspections that have to be done on all commercial and civil aircraft after a certain interval or usage.

In this scenario, an aircraft maintenance crew works as the backbone of air travel. They ensure and certify that the aircraft is fit to fly.

Here, let’s explain a few Types of Aircraft Maintenance Services for civil and commercial aircrafts.

Types of Aircraft Maintenance Services (Scheduled & Unscheduled)

Basically, there are four types of Aircraft Maintenance Checks A B C D.

Here, the A and B types of Aircraft Maintenance Services are also called as Line Maintenance, because, these maintenance can be performed without sending the aircraft to hanger.

These A and B types of maintenance is just for the common problems. However, if you ignore such Common Aircraft Maintenance Problems, once it may lead to many Types of Aircraft Defects and ultimately may cause a big accident.

Thus, these are very important checks we need to perform at regular intervals.

C and D types of checks are comparatively more detailed inspections and so it required much longer time.

C type of check is usually performed after every 2 years. D type of check is much more extensive as it puts the aircraft out of service for longer period.

These are the scheduled Aircraft Maintenance Services we have to perform at certain intervals.

The Objectives of Scheduled Aircraft Maintenance Services

The main objectives of performing the Aircraft Maintenance Process on regular intervals:

  • We schedule certain pre-flight checks and make sure that the aircraft is fit to fly.
  • Changing oil, examining, cleaning and gaping the spark plugs and checking the engine for any damage.
  • Progressive Inspections are performed at regular intervals to examine some certain components of the aircraft for proper operation.

Beside this, some unscheduled aircrafts inspections may also be occurred

An Unscheduled Aircraft Maintenance Inspection may occur anytime when a component has malfunctioned or is suspected of malfunctioning.

To identify the Aircraft Structural Damage Types, we need to perform a conditional inspection.

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Aircraft Maintenance Requirements

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible to perform all the maintenance tasks of aircrafts.

To become an aircraft engineer, a candidate needs to complete a DGCA Approved Aircraft maintenance Engineering (AME) Program.

There are two types of AME Program that cover the entire Aircraft Maintenance Requirements.

The aviation industry needs a large number of employees (aircraft maintenance engineers) to fulfil the requirements of aircraft maintenance services.

Thus, there is great career opportunities in aviation industry for those who have a dream of being an air craft engineer.

How to Become An Aircraft Engineer

Aircraft Maintenance Course is the essential course to become an aircraft engineer.

Thus, the students who have strong desire to be a part of aviation, they can join any of the Top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India.

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