What Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course, Criteria & Duration

These days, students are eagerly seeking to know about an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course, and Criteria for the joining.

The students who are anxious about this career, they can read this blog and find out everything they need to know about AME.

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How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


Do you have a dream of becoming an aircraft maintenance engineer?

For every aspiring soul, it would be the most exciting decision to make their career as an aircraft maintenance engineering profile.

It’s one of the most reputed job profiles in aviation.

Like, a pilot is the captain of the aircraft in the sky, similarly an aircraft maintenance engineer is the captain on the ground.

Here we are writing this blog to provide all ins and outs about aircraft maintenance engineering.

If you want to know How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), this blog would be greatly useful to you. It may guide you in the path to become a successful aircraft maintenance engineer.

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Different Types of Aircraft Maintenance Services – BIA Patna

Maintenance and regular services ensure that the vehicle enjoys an extensive lifespan with safer operations.

When it comes to Aviation, the Aircraft Maintenance Services become much more important.

We need to schedule various types of aircraft maintenance inspections at regular intervals in terms of preventing future accidents.

Aircraft maintenance checks are the periodic inspections that have to be done on all commercial and civil aircraft after a certain interval or usage.

In this scenario, an aircraft maintenance crew works as the backbone of air travel. They ensure and certify that the aircraft is fit to fly.

Here, let’s explain a few Types of Aircraft Maintenance Services for civil and commercial aircrafts.

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career Opportunities

Aviation Industry is growing rapidly connecting the world with air transport. It has continued to expand faster than most other industries. So, a lots of career opportunities are being available in Aviation.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is one of the most valuable Career options in the world of Aviation Industries.

AME Career in India

Indian Aviation Industry is also growing very fast offering lots of career opportunities for those who desire to become the part of aviation.

The regular increase in air traffic in India is lifting up the requirements of aircrafts. So, many of the organizations such as Indigo, Air India and Jet Airways continue to order new aircrafts. It has encouraged students to opt for Aircraft Maintenance Course to achieve the AME Career in India.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope

After completion of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course, the students have to undergo for actual maintenance experience. Then they get award with a license to work as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer by the DGCA, Government of India. Thereafter, the engineer can apply for Line Maintenance Mechanics or Overhaul Mechanics.

The basic work of an AME deals with inspection, testing and maintenance of all the parts of an aircraft.

Places where you find the AME Career Opportunities:-

  • Airlines
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MRO) industries
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Operation Organizations
  • Aviation Training Centres
  • Flying Clubs
  • Civil Defence Forces
  • Any other places where an aircraft is used in Civil

Now, the most important thing you have to do for achieving your aviation career is to choose top aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India. To assist you in this regard, here I am providing you the details of BIA Patna (Bharat Institute of Aeronautics), the top AME college in Bihar.

Recently, I have gone through details reviews, I found that BIA Patna placement rate is very high. So, I would like to recommend you this aviation college in Patna as it obviously would be the best option for you.

If you really excited to achieve the aviation goal then just go through aircraft maintenance engineering course details that you can find at BIA Patna official website.

In fact, BIA Patna is the one & only aviation training institute in Patna.

So, if you are looking for taking admission to pursue aviation course in Patna, this would be the best option for you.

Now, there might be a question in your mind: ‘how to take admission in BIA Patna?’

It’s very simple.

For the first time, you should just visit its official website. Here you will find all the details about BIA Patna Admission Procedure.

Go through the ‘Courses’ Tab on its website where you find the courses details and syllabus.

It’s also important to know the aircraft maintenance engineering qualification. So, find it on the official website.

To know about the course fee, you can go through Bharat institute of aeronautics Patna fee structure.

Well, how simple it is!

Now, here I am going to explain about AME Career opportunities worldwide:

AME Careers in the World

This is the golden era for all who desire to make careers in Aviation. The AME license you get in India is also valid worldwide. And there is already shortage of aircraft maintenance engineers in the world.

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope

Aviation is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

The travel by air is very much time saving and so most of the people want to opt for airways for their long distance journey.

This is the actual reason why today aviation sector has become so very popular.

It is also one of the best sectors in terms of salary & respect that encourages students to be a part of an aviation.

The safety of an aircraft and its passengers is on the shoulder of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME). So, many of the students have set their target to become an AME.

All these clearly proves that Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope is really very good in India.

Career Opportunities in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

  • Airlines
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Operation organizations

Many of the students are searching the top aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India to achieve the dreamt career objective.

There are many institutes in India that offer aircraft maintenance course, however students want to choose it at the suitable location.

Currently, Patna which is one of the most developing cities in India in terms of Aviation is comprising a good aviation college in it namely Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA).

Situated in the premises of Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport, Patna, BIA is the best Aviation College in Patna.

BIA – Best Institute for Aviation Course in Patna

If you are searching for an aviation college in Patna then Bharat Institute Of Aeronautics (BIA Patna) is the best or I can say the only option for you. It is DGCA approved institute offering high quality aircraft maintenance course .

BIA Patna Placement rate is very high.

BIA, the best aviation training institute in Patna, provides AME License which is internationally valid. So, the License Holder has good career opportunities in Government as well as in Private sector anywhere in the world.

Recently, it’s found in the record that BIA Patna placement rate is much higher than any other AME Colleges in India

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details

BIA Patna is offering two types of AME Courses. The Aircraft maintenance engineering course details offered by BIA Patna are as given below:

  1. A1 (1+1 Years): It’s for the Basic AME license that covers Jet Engine Powered Aircraft.
  2. B1.1 (2+2 Years): This course provides you the Base-maintenance license that covers all the privileges of the Line Maintenance and a Major Maintenance for particular type of Aircraft. After attaining the Type Rating for a particular aircraft, you will become a full-fledged Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Moreover, students can see Bharat Institute Of Aeronautics Patna Fee Structure on its official website. The fee details according to the courses are given in its official website.

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