Do Human Growth Hormone Supplements Work? [Best Picks of 2020]

Do Growth Hormone Supplements Work

The role of growth hormones in the regulation and development of different body functions is not an unknown fact. However, the bad news is the hormone levels automatically depletes as you grow older.

HGH supplements are touted as the most safe and effective solution for boosting the hormone levels.

But do Growth Hormone Supplements Work?

Read on to find the answer.

Depleting HGH count can be a troublesome condition for aging men and women. In fact, it can be a motivating factor for several health complications. Well, supplements are a fairly painless solution to HGH boosting.

People probably doubt the effectiveness of these supplements as most of them just claim miracles without any evidence. In this blog, we’ll tell you will these HGH supplements help you to raise growth hormones naturally.

Growth Hormone Supplements | Do They Work and How?

The effectiveness of any supplement depends on its composition.

While the results may vary based on the individual’s current health condition, you can be sure that the supplement will work if it has scientifically backed ingredients.

There are a number of HGH supplements in the market with different ingredients. However, you need to pick a supplement that has specific components to boost HGH levels.

Interestingly, there are two compounds proven to boost the body’s HGH count:

  • GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid)
  • Arginine

Let’s just state the current scientific data in support of these ingredients.

GABA – This is a calming agent working to calm down the central nervous system. Accordingly, it helps to aid sleep and help with irregular sleep schedules. You should know most of the growth hormones you release is while you’re in deep sleep.

According to a study, a GABA supplement led to a 200% increase in HGH following exercise and a 400% increase while at rest.

Arginine – Taking 114mg of arginine per pound (100 or 250 mg per kg) of body weight per day resulted in a 60% HGH increase during sleep. While this study showed no results for lower doses, a higher dose did have positive effects on HGH levels.

One other thing is the effects of arginine is present when you take it on its own and not around exercise.

So, this follows that only those supplements will work that contains at least one of these ingredients in optimum amounts.

To answer the question, Do Growth Hormone Supplements Work?

Yes, they do work but only when they have GABA or Arginine.

Luckily, there are some HGH supplements in the market with at least one of these ingredients in its composition. Let’s get into the listing of these HGH boosters without any delay.

Top Three Growth Hormone Supplements That Work

The following supplements happen to have either GABA or arginine as a part of their formulation. Plus, the overall compositions are all-natural and safe to take on a consistent basis.

Let’s see the details of each of these HGH Boosters one by one.

#1. GenF20 Plus

Do Growth Hormone Supplements Work

This is one of the best supplements to fix aging issues that come with low HGH count. In fact, it’s one of those rare HGH pills recommended by doctors.

Plus, GenF20 Plus has both GABA and arginine in just the right dose.

Just like GenF20 Plus, another natural supplement with GABA and arginine is HyperGH 14X. Read GenF20 Plus vs HyperGH 14X to know which one is the best.

#2. HyperGH 14X

Do Growth Hormone Supplements Work

This one has 15 potent HGH boosting ingredients in high dosages. Plus, HyperGH 14X also combines the power of arginine and GABA to offer its results.

One of the key benefits of taking this supplement is muscle boost. You can check out HyperGH 14X vs GenF20 Plus to see which one will be the most suitable HGH booster for you.

#3. HGH X2

Do Growth Hormone Supplements Work

The supplement is a natural HGH boosting solution by the known health supplement brand, Crazy Bulk. HGH X2 has just 4 ingredients including arginine to boost human growth hormone levels. So, this supplement would be a good choice for someone looking for a rather simple formula.

While GenF20 Plus is backed by the trust of doctors, HGH X2 is from a known natural health supplement brand. So, you may get confused about choosing the one for you.

Read this GenF20 Plus vs HGH X2 comparative article to get all the information about both of these supplements. Then, pick the one that best fits your requirements.

We hope now you will be able to find an HGH supplement that will really work for you.

Leave your comments below to let us know about any more questions you may have.

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