How Much Does Asphalt Driveway Paving Cost in Toronto?

asphalt driveway cost toronto

Getting good asphalt paving service is a big investment. Of course, you require a lot of planning beforehand.

Mostly, homeowners look for Asphalt Driveway Cost Ontario.

Nonetheless, weather changes and frequently changing loads over pavement deteriorates it.

Well, the distortion usually begins from the inner layer, which is the sub-base layer.

Initially, the damage isn’t visible. But, over time, the deterioration starts appearing as cracks, depressions, and potholes.

In such scenarios, asphalt paving and maintenance services aren’t enough. The only way to restore durability to your pavement is by getting an entirely new asphalt pavement.

Well, for this solution, you need details about asphalt paving cost which can be higher compared to the repair costs. 

However, when your pavement is severely damaged, repairs would do nothing. In fact, the deterioration would spread to a larger area.

The only solution available then is to repave your driveway or the parking lot to ensure it is strengthened and durable like before.

However, Cost Of Asphalt Driveway Ontario can be your concern before moving forward with the investment.

Obviously, before hiring any asphalt company, you would like an exact estimate of Asphalt Driveway Cost Toronto to prepare a budget beforehand.

These top factors will help you to decide the Cost Of Asphalt Driveway Ontario.

Factors Affecting Asphalt Driveway Cost in Toronto

Well, there are several specifications of the asphalt driveway affecting the cost of the entire project.

Here, we have pointed out the major factors interfering with the cost of your asphalt job.

Also, this helps get a clearer idea about what it’s going to cost in total.

Eventually, you would be able to eliminate the unnecessary expenses which affect the overall budget.

Here’s what you need to consider before you move on with your project.

#1: Surface Area

Firstly, the prominent factor affecting Asphalt Paving Cost is the driveway or parking lot area. In simple words, the larger the area is, the more you have to pay. 

Contrarily, the smaller the square foot area is, the lesser would be the expenses.

Usually, the asphalt paving company has a definite charge per square foot area.

#2: Type of Asphalt

Secondly, the major affecting factor of asphalt paving cost is the mix you have chosen.

Either you can go for hot mix asphalt or the cold ones. Here, you need to select the one making your pavement durable.

Moreover, you can recycle the previous asphalt layer as the base layer. This is a good tactic to reduce the Cost Of Driveway Paving.

#4: Cost of Removal 

To get the new pavement done, sometimes the older layer needs to be excavated.

However, some companies ask for extra charges for asphalt excavation.

Hence, you need to confirm this with the contractor you hire before initiating the project.

#3: Extra Labor Cost

According to the worksite, the project often requires extra labor force.

Eventually, this adds extra charges to your asphalt paving budget.

Henceforth, before you move ahead with your contractor, confirm this matter in particular.

#6: Transportation Charges

Well, paving companies transport the hot mix asphalt from the nearby asphalt plant.

Of course, the farther it is, the more the transportation cost will be.

Eventually, this would further add to your asphalt paving cost. Thus, you need to have an additional amount reserved for this purpose.

These were the prominent factors usually determining the cost of asphalt driveway Ontario.

Of course, planning your budget while keeping these in your head will get you a better idea about your expenses.

Still, the traditional way is better!

Contacting an Asphalt Paving Company Toronto will get you a more precise idea about your budget.

Amazing Asphalt Paving Deals in Ontario

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  • Sweeping Services
  • Pavement Management Planning

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Author: Main Infrastructure

Main Infrastructure is the best pothole repair company in Toronto that offers all kinds of asphalt repair and maintenance services. To provide you with a durable and resurrected pavement, we retain the material quality and service standard.

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