Quick Resource Guide For: How Do Leading Fat Burners Work

How Do Fat Burners Work

Fat-burning supplements or fat burners have always been the first choice of bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts for rapid fat loss.

Due to this, the supplement market has numerous natural fat burners, with promising and effective results within weeks.

For instance, two such famous fat burners are Phengold and PhenQ.

These two leading fat-burning supplements are widely popular for their uniqueness and effective results.

Moreover, further in our blog, we’ll have a quick intro to these weight loss supplements.

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But, How do fat burners work? And more importantly, do fat burners really work?

We’ll know more about these further in our blog.

But first, let’s know what fat burners are.

 What Are Fat Burners?

“Fat Burner” is a non-technical name given to a nutrition supplement.

As the name suggests, this supplement helps burn stubborn belly fat and stored fat in your body by boosting metabolism and restricting fat absorption.

To clarify, it intends to boost the rate of conversion of fat into energy and helps you lose weight.

Let’s dive in to find how these fat burners work.

How Do Fat Burners Work?

 In simple language, fat burners work by suppressing appetite, inhibiting fat absorption, and boosting metabolism.

There are various common ingredients used in most fat-burning supplements that help burn fat and promote weight loss.

To clarify, these key ingredients are designed to revitalize the hormonal body functions to break down fats into energy.

Nowadays, Using fat-burning pills is one of the best flat stomach hacks.

For those who can’t dedicate themselves to the time taking and tiring natural ways of losing belly fat are using weight loss pill to do so.

Common Fat Burning Ingredients

Some of the common fat burning ingredients are as follows:

 #1. Caffeine

Various foods and drinks like tea, coffee, and chocolate naturally contain caffeine.

However, it also comes in the form of supplements and is artificially added to sodas and drinks.

Moreover, caffeine helps in burning fat because it mobilizes fat from the tissue and increases the metabolic rate.

 #2. Green Tea

The second common ingredient is green tea which contains half as much caffeine as coffee.

Furthermore, it also contains anti-oxidant named catechin which has been shown to increase the rate of metabolism.

#3. Soluble Fiber

Soluble fibers like Glucomannan or konjac fiber are commonly used in most fat-burning supplements.

Moreover, these soluble fibers expand to form a viscous gel-like substance in your digestive tract.

Notably, these soluble fibers are the appetite suppressants i.e, they curb your appetite and give you a fuller feeling for long hours.

 #4. Protein Powder

Protein is vital for burning fat.

It boosts metabolism, amplifies your energy level, and also curbs your appetite by controlling the production of hunger hormones called ghrelin.

Moreover, it is also important for maintaining muscle mass.

#5. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper gives a push to your metabolism by increasing your body temperature.

It has terrific thermogenic properties which makes it a common ingredient among the major top fat-burning supplements.

Talking about the major fat-burning supplements, the top two fat burners PhenQ and Phengold also contain three out of the above-mentioned five common ingredients.

Moreover, both PhenQ and Phengold consist of caffeine, green tea extract, and cayenne pepper.

PhenQ And Phengold: Brief Intro


 It is an advanced natural weight loss supplement, which is designed in a way that targets weight loss in five different ways.

The fact that it is the pinnacle of “five weight loss pills in just one formula” is what makes it one of the leading weight loss pills in the market.

Furthermore, this unique formula of PhenQ fat burning supplement is a combination of 6 ingredients.

PhenQ Ingredients

Following are the ingredients of PhenQ:

#1. Chromium Picolinate

#2. Nopal

#3. L-carnitine

#4. a-Lacys Reset

#5. Capsimax Powder[ a combination of capsicum, caffeine, piperine, niacin(vitamin B3)]

#6. Caffeine


Phengold is another leading fat-burning dietary supplement for your weight loss journey.

It works by boosting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite.

Also, it naturally doubles your body’s ability to burn fat.

Furthermore, what makes Phengold unique is that it is soya, GMO, and lactose-free. Also, it is vegan-friendly.

Phengold Ingredients

Following are the ingredients of Phengold:

#1. Cayenne Pepper

#2. L-Tyrosine

#3. Green Coffee

#4. Green Tea

#5. L-Theanine

#6. Rhodiola SP

So that’s all about PhenQ and Phengold in this short introduction.

However, you can go through Phengold vs PhenQ detailed analysis if you want to dig a little deeper.

Learn more about the benefits, side effects, price, etc of these fat-burning pills in it.

Moving on, now if you ask Do fat burners really work?

The answer will be simply yes.

However, fat-burning supplements are designed to work hand-in-hand with a healthy meal and proper workout.

One cannot get a flat tummy by replacing a balanced diet with weight-loss dietary pills.

Moving on, different fat burners work by targeting different fat-burning actions in the human body. Namely,

#1. Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis in simple words means the production of heat in your body.

To clarify, the process of thermogenesis breaks down the food in your body and converts it into energy.

#2. Lipolysis

Lipolysis is the process of breaking down lipids also called fats.

This takes place with the help of enzymes and water in your body.

#3. Appetite Suppression

Appetite is the main reason behind the weight gain.

The feeling to eat something could be because of hunger or by looking at something that makes us want to eat it.

Furthermore, the appetite suppressing ingredients used in supplements claim to curb cravings by blocking the absorption of macronutrients or by giving you a fuller feeling.

So, this was all about how do fat burners work in our today’s blog.

 To Sum Up 

Fat burners or fat-burning supplements are famous among those who want to lose fat and gain a lean and muscular physique with a flat stomach.

It also the leading choice of people with no time for natural ways to reduce fat.

Moreover, the effectiveness of any fat-burning supplement depends upon the composition of its ingredients.

So, it’s essential to read and know about the ingredients of fat burners before consuming it to know how it works.

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