How OCD affects Relationships? (OCD Ruining Relationship)

How OCD Affects Relationships

OCD is a mental disease that leads you to unwanted thoughts or sensations.

Moreover, if you want to stop your obsession with something you won’t be able to do it.

Thereupon, here in this blog, we will be talking about How OCD affects Relationships?

Along with it, we will also recommend you some effective measures to cope with it.

Before we start let’s understand what is OCD?

What is OCD?

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) steers you towards negative thoughts and the obsession of doing things repeatedly.

Also, people with OCD unintentionally create bad relationships with their loved ones.

Hence, we must know How OCD affects family relationships?

How OCD Affects Family Relationships?

It’s hard to deal with when anyone in a family member is suffering from OCD.

As you have to spend most of the time with them it starts affecting your relationship.

But, it’s not their fault so you must make them reasonably understand things.

OCD patients always wonder if my OCD ruining the relationship?

Then, you must once visit DR. Vivek Pratap Singh (the best neuropsychiatrist in Patna ) who deals with OCD patients.

We will discuss about him further… Firstly, discuss How OCD affects friendships?

How OCD Affects Friendships?

Other than family, friendship is the most special bond.

You and your buddy are having a very beautiful journey but suddenly something changes…

You see a drastic change in your friend’s behavior due to their OCD complications.

Now, it starts affecting your friendship and ruining everything.

But, in this terrible situation, you should help your friend by explaining that you are concerned about them.

Also, make them understand the thought they are getting is unrealistic.

Along with this, people with OCD also starts feeling insecure about their relationship.

One question also arises here can someone with OCD fall in love?

The answer is yes… but soon they will start having insecurities too.

Let’s discuss OCD relationship insecurity below…

OCD Relationship Insecurity

Relationship OCD aka ROCD is a disorder in which you start having doubt about your partner.

Moreover, you also feel insecure about your relationship whether you are suitable for your partner or not.

The feeling of inferiority complex also starts and you start losing your self-esteem.

So, we have talked about OCD relationship insecurity. OCD marriage problems are also a major term to discuss.

Have a look at it….

OCD Marriage Problems

Marriage is a huge piece of business that is a bond for a lifetime.

But slightly your OCD starts influencing your marriage.

However, you feel certain kind of unconsciousness with your partner.

You start mixing your sick OCD and intimate relationships with your partner.

Besides, if you have germ-related OCD you will avoid physical interaction with your partner.

You also must think of getting a relationship OCD test…

So, you must consult DR. Vivek Pratap Singh (specifically  best psychiatrist in Patna)

Hence, it’s a bit tough thing to live with someone suffering from OCD…

Because you won’t be always able to cope up with them…

Thus, you must help yourself and them by consulting them to a doctor.

Vivek Pratap Singh is the best neuropsychiatrist in Patna who helps in resolving these kinds of mental issues.

Also, he has 9 years of experience in this field he is the best psychiatrist for OCD treatment in Patna.

Nonetheless, this was all about how How OCD affects relationships?

You can also clear out your OCD symptoms and have a happy life with your friends and family.

Now we sum up here if any issue still persisting kindly contact us or comment below.

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