Complicated & Toughest Thing About Having ADHD

What should be the toughest thing about having ADHD? Well, a normal person might take it easy & don’t understand what the person or child with ADHD goes through.

But, the challenges of having ADHD can only be understood by another suffering with ADHD.

Though we can’t predict what should be the toughest thing, we have curated some information here that will aid us in comprehending some of the ADHD things no one talks about.

So, let’s move ahead & understand ADHD & its multiple challenges.

What’s the Toughest Thing about Having ADD?

If we see from a wider angle the toughest thing can be anything, like for some it must be reading or for others might be forgetting things.

Most of all, as we all know, the children with ADHD are less into reading & learning things as they aren’t able to concentrate properly. Continue reading “Complicated & Toughest Thing About Having ADHD”

Is Anxiety and Stress the Same Thing or Different?

Is anxiety and stress the same thing? Well, both are a natural responses of the body whenever the person starts getting nervous before any intense situation.

Moreover, both the mental illness is caused by any trauma or triggers.

Hence, before getting to this whether, whether they are similar or different let’s understand about them.

What is Stress and Anxiety?

People experience both of them very often. Though, people feel stressed when multiple demands or work are placed on their minds. Continue reading “Is Anxiety and Stress the Same Thing or Different?”

Internal Bracing Surgery: Overview on its Benefits, Needs and Treatments

Internal bracing surgery is one of the important methods in the field of ligaments to ensure the stability of the internal ligaments.

In addition, if surgery is performed with ACL reconstruction, it can help balance the joint and will also improve the condition of the ACL reconstruction. Having said that, it will reduce the risk during ACL surgery to help replace torn ligaments in the knee.

Looking for internal bracing surgery in Patna? Contact Dr Ramakant Kumar, who offers unparalleled ligament surgery.

Now we need to move on to the front part and know even the little ones for internal orthodontic surgery. So don’t be afraid to take a look at what internal orthodontic surgery is and why it is necessary. Continue reading “Internal Bracing Surgery: Overview on its Benefits, Needs and Treatments”

The Stern Linkage Between ADHD & Alcohol

The relation between ADHD and Alcohol has been shown by research that people with ADHD are more likely to develop the habit of drinking alcohol heavily.

Moreover, it’s also true that not everyone with ADHD will misuse alcohol but the risk is higher in them.

Hence, keep reading the post to learn how ADHD people are affected by alcohol and what situations lead them towards the addiction.

The Symptoms of ADHD Are: Continue reading “The Stern Linkage Between ADHD & Alcohol”

The Therapies Given In De Addiction by Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh!

Are you the one who’s loved one is suffering from drug addiction? Do you want help? So, if you are here to know about therapies given in de addiction, then you are at the very right place.

Though, through this blog, we are going to illustrate some of the prominent therapies given to drug addicts.

Diagnosis for Drug Addiction

The diagnosis of drug addiction (substance use disorder) requires a thorough evaluation, which usually includes an evaluation by a psychiatrist.

Blood, urine, or other laboratory tests are use to assess drug use but are not diagnostic tests for addiction.

However, these tests can be use to monitor treatment and recovery. Continue reading “The Therapies Given In De Addiction by Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh!”

Shoulder Dislocation Types & Treatments

Shoulder  Dislocation befalls when the round ball at the top of the upper arm bowl or humerus leaves the socket in the scapula.

This means the humerus gets out of position where the ball & the socket gets separated.

Moreover, there is a chance of injury to the tissue that holds the bone.

Hence, the cartilage that covers & protects the bones can get teared. Although the partially dislocated shoulder means that only the upper arm bone is out of the socket.

Moving on to next, let’s get a deep analysis of why the shoulder gets dislocated & who is more likely to get affected? Continue reading “Shoulder Dislocation Types & Treatments”

Some of the Weirdest Compulsions That People with OCD Have!

OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, also known as a brain disorder that is mostly generalized as compulsive thoughts & actions but, still there are some of the weirdest compulsions that people with OCD have.

Moreover, if you are eager to know about these not-so-common & bizarre compulsions of OCD, then go through the whole blog to know some rare forms of OCD, that are leading OCD people mentally unstable.

However, before heading to the types of OCD, it’s better to know about the OCD intrusive thoughts that make it worse & uncontrollable. Continue reading “Some of the Weirdest Compulsions That People with OCD Have!”

Vital Reasons Behind Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgery in which the doctor uses a small incision to insert a tiny camera called an arthroscope.

Moreover, the surgery shows a very good result for recovering shoulder pain & there are lots of reasons behind shoulder arthroscopy, which we’ll be discussing below.

Read the blog, if you are in severe pain of the shoulder & also understand the shoulder arthroscopy indications after the surgery.

Basic Reasons Behind Shoulder Arthroscopy

When you go to the doctor, if your condition is very painful and non-surgical treatment does not help, they may recommend a shoulder arthroscopy. Continue reading “Vital Reasons Behind Shoulder Arthroscopy”

Alarming & Warning Signs of Mental Health Issues in Kids

Just like adults, kids are also at bay with mental disorders, but it’s a little difficult to understand their disorders as everything seems normal. But, being a parent you have to be careful & we are here to help you understand the warning signs of mental health issues in kids.

Moreover, research has also cleared that, children are less likely to get treatments rather than adults.

Why does this happen? Only because of the laxity of parents not able to understand the mental state of their child.

Read, the full blog if you are still in the perplexion of whether my child is having a mental breakdown or it’s just a phase. Continue reading “Alarming & Warning Signs of Mental Health Issues in Kids”

ACL Injuries ! ACL Tear Treatment Without Surgery    

ACL injuries is a sprain of the anterior cruciate ligament that is one of the most important ligaments of the body.

The ACL connects the thighbone (femur) to the shinbone (tibia).

Basically, ACL injuries occur during sports activities or other physical activities that require lots of strength.

Far ahead, in this blog we are going to provide you in-depth knowledge of what actually is ACL meaning, why do you need to go for ACL surgery & after having treated what will be the recovery procedure.

So, be here in this blog, if you too are tormented with your ACL injury & want genuine recommendations to get it fixed. Continue reading “ACL Injuries ! ACL Tear Treatment Without Surgery    “