5 Quick Methods to Clean Windows 10!

How to Clean Windows 10

You Want your PC to work properly right! But things might not be going that way & the junk-up files in Windows 10 might be the problem though, well… we’ve come up with the very convenient methods on How to Clean Windows 10.

So, if you are fact-finding the solution How to Clean Windows 10 Temp Files, How to Clean Windows 10 Cache, what does Cleaning Up Windows 10 Meaning, & so on…then this blog is an absolute hub for your questions.

Without any further lag, here are the 5 hard-headed methods which are going to be proved as Windows 10 Cleaner.

How to Clean Windows 10?

Here are the listed 5 methods to clean 10…..all of the methods are tried & trusted & surely going to help you.

Delete the Programs You Don’t Need

If you don’t use or need a kind of program on your PC, then there is no need of keeping it, & also it’s only hogging the space making your PC slow.

In addition, to delete the program you don’t have to put extra effort into Free Up Disk Space Windows 10.

That means Windows itself comes with the inbuilt tool of deleting programs.

Just go to Start Menu, then search for Add or Remove Programs.

After that, you’ll see the list of installed programs sort them by size & delete those which are taking excess space & also you don’t need them.

Now, let’s come to the other method on

Clean Your Hard Drive

how to clean windows 10 temp files

Cleaning your Hard Drive can also help because sometimes the data gets filled up with Hard Drive resulting in the slow performance of the PC.

Regarding that, these space problems don’t apply to SSD, but if your PC is having a space issue with Hard Drive, then it won’t run properly.

Though,  if you don’t know about  Disk Cleanup Windows 10 What to Delete, then you can go in the Search Box & type Disk Cleanup, select the Disk Clean up program at the top list, then select the drive you want to fix.

Note: Sometimes, while deleting the files/folders, you might end up deleting some important data, but you don’t have to worry in that case too.

We have the best solution for you to recover your lost file/data & the solution is none other than Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software.

It’s the most important DIY Software in the market trusted by professionals & huge businesses.

Now, let’s move with that & watch out for the other prominent method to delete Windows 10.

Separate your Hard Drive

Separating the Hard Drive is one of the proven ways to speed up your PC.

Moreover, by compacting the data in your Hard Drive, you’ll make it easier for Windows to store information & run smoothly.

However, you don’t have to defrag if your PC has SSD, as the technology is wholly different.

Stop Programs from Starting Automatically

Most of the programs, when you start your PC, start loading themselves so that, you don’t have to wait when later you have to use them.

But, it’s also a fact that most of the programs that load automatically, you end up not using them frequently.

So, it’ll be convenient to remove the start-up programs.

Though, to do so…..Go to Start Menu, then Type Task manager, select Task Manager Icon & then press Ctrl+Alt+Delete & select Task Manager.

Subsequently, when you select Task Manager, all the programs will be listed, now right-click on the programs you don’t want to start automatically & select Disable.

moving on the last but not the least method on How to Clean Windows 10 Temp Files

Keep Documents off the Desktop

best cleaner for windows 10

It’s very irrelevant to store all the documents on the Desktop & that’s what results in slow performance.

So, it’s better to drop off the folder or move the folder to another location rather than Desktop.

Moreover, you can also remove the shortcuts from the Desktop icon

Summing Up

Now is the time to sum up the blog, moreover…we have provided all the inclusive methods on the topic How to Clean Windows 10.

Apart from that, these pragmatic methods are going to be the Best Cleaner for Windows 10.

Apparently, we hope that you find this blog informative, however, if you have any further queries, just drop them in the comment section below.

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