Bodybuilding & Steroids: Do All Famous Bodybuilders Use Steroids?

Do famous bodybuilders take steroids

Do famous bodybuilders take steroids?

Bodybuilding demands an intense amount of hard work and dedication.

Most bodybuilders follow the highway and stick to the conventional methods for achieving their dream physique.

While some lookout for shortcuts or even wormholes to skip the journey time from plinth to paramount of their physique.

These shortcuts include PED (performance-enhancing drugs), steroids, and other such unfair means.

There are some famous bodybuilders who use steroids.

Iconic bodybuilders such as Arnold and Ronnie Coleman don’t refrain from publically accepting the use of steroids.

In this blog, we will review the bodybuilding profiles of three famous fitness icons.

We’ll try to figure out whether or not they use steroids.

Do Famous Bodybuilders Uses Steroids?

The drastic transformations of the leading bodybuilders have always been under suspicion.

To clear the clod, let’s find out whether or not these 3 famous bodybuilders use steroids.

The bodybuilders we are going to feature in the blog are:
1. Bryce Harper
2. Bakhar Nabieva
3.  David Laid
All three of them are famous for the subtle body transformation in quick time.

A lot of people admire and follow them.

Let’s start with the pro baseball player, Bryce Harper.

#1. Bryce Harper: A Baseball Pro

Bryce Harper, a right fielder for Washington Nationals in Major League Baseball is very famous for so many reasons.

The first one is his stellar baseball skills obviously.

Apparently, his body seems tailor-made for the game.

He is also famous for his unique technique and physical training.

He won the Golden Spikes Award in 2010, only at the age of 18. It’s a yearly award for the best amateur baseball player.

The amazing muscle growth over a short period of time put Bryce under suspicion of drug use.

Let’s throw some light on this aspect of his profile as well.

Bryce Harper Steroids Usage

Harper is a really big lad, around 6’3”. Also, he weighs about 225-230lbs.

This massive size and quality of muscles were enough to make people think about the use of steroids.

However, he never accepted the use of steroids in his career.

But later on, his even more muscular and ripped physique only made the doubts solid.

Rapid muscle growth and super-increased strength made Bryce Harper Dad steroids connection obvious.

However, we never got a confession to mark it 100% true.

Another personality under the radar of steroids who use doubts is Bakhar Nabieva.

Let’s have a look at her journey.

#2. Bakhar Nabieva: The Perfect Legs

Bakhar Nabieva is a fitness influencer, also famous with the name of Miss Iron Bum.

People admire her for her chiseled physique and perfectly toned legs.

However, she’s not like this from the beginning.

Bakhar’s journey from a thin school girl to a fitness influencer is very inspiring.

Her amazing gains and ripped muscular body inspire a lot of young girls out there who aspire to go into the fitness industry.

Not only for professional goals, after seeing her, have people pursued fitness for personality growth as well.

Her journey is a perfect example of how body transformation can transform your whole life.

However, this kind of rapid transformation smells fishy a bit as well.

There are talks about Bakhar Nabieva steroids connection.

Let’s explore this a bit…

Bakhar Nabieva Steroids Usage

We can’t rule out the suspicion of steroids use in her transformation. She might have used some performance-enhancing drugs at least.

Although we are taking nothing away from her training regime.

According to Nabieva, she started hitting the gym without any prior experience.

Her favorite part of the workout is to train her legs.

She spends most of her gym time doing leg extensions, squats, and lats.

Despite the suspicion, we can’t solidify anything on Bakhar Nabieva steroids connection.

So, for now, her transformation is completely a result of her hard-core training and dedication.

David laid is one more name under the questions of steroids usage. Let’s know a bit about him.

#3. David Laid: A Magical Transformation

David laid is a 21-year-old bodybuilder, fitness model, and athlete.

However, he’s not that big a deal for all the general public. But, on social media, he’s a superstar, especially on Instagram.

He was a skinny 14-year-old guy with low very low self-esteem when doctors advised him to start proper physical training to gain muscle mass.

David started training on doctors’ advice. He did a thorough research about weight training via YouTube videos and every other resource available to him.

He took the internet by surprise with his transformation video.

Also, the Instagram images stunned all the teenagers and inspired them at the same time.

The amazing and rapid transformation also created doubts about steroids use.

David Laid Steroids Usage

Allegations of steroid use are very common on somebody who goes through dramatic body transformation.

Although there are no solid reasons to doubt David’s transformation. He has quite a transparent routine.

David’s transformation took three years. His workouts include normal youngster exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and bench-press.

So, David laid steroids connection is not at all positive.

So, this was all about do famous bodybuilders also use steroids.


Bodybuilding and steroids have an interesting connection.

Steroids make the long and tough process of muscle-building shorter and convenient.

Now the question is, do all bodybuilders use steroids?

Not necessarily. Most bodybuilders take the long and safe route.

However, there are a lot of safe steroids for bodybuilding available nowadays.

But, the best way is to keep your hands off steroids and rely on proper workout and nutrition.

Hope you like this blog. Do give us your suggestions in the comment section given below.


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