How To Get Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License

How To Get Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is all about the maintenance of aircraft and its respective components.

Regarding this maintenance, the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license is mandatory.

This license is actually like a degree in the aviation sector. It is valid in India as well as overseas.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) with a license has job opportunities in the private as well as in the government sector in India and overseas. DGCA (Govt. of India) issues this license.

Why AME License is Required?

As mentioned earlier, an AME license is sort of mandatory to become an AME.

AME license has been referred to as the mandatory qualification to maintain and clarify the aircraft. Every AME must hold this license.

The AME license is valid internationally and is recognized by the International bodies that do deal with safety and security rules as well as regulations for civil aviation in the world.

How to Get DGCA License for Engineers?

In order to acquire an AME license, it’s vital for candidates to enroll in aircraft maintenance engineering college, via fulfilling its eligibility criteria. Then after the completion of the aircraft maintenance course, the candidate is provided by Aircraft Maintenance License, issued by DGCA, Govt. of India.

This license is absolutely the most important to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer worldwide.

Since an aircraft maintenance license is possible only after completion of an aircraft maintenance engineering course. So, let’s have a quick look at this course…

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course

Since aircraft maintenance engineering is about ensuring the overall fitness of aircraft, in all the respects before everyone takes off. So, its course is according to that. It comprises both theoretical and practical training.

A1 – Line Maintenance

This A1 license is a basic aircraft maintenance engineer’s license, to cover Jet Engine Powered Aeroplanes. The holder of this license is directly employable without Type-Rating.

He/She is authorized to issue ‘CRS’ [certificate of release to service] to an aircraft minor scheduled line maintenance. Moreover, he/she can work on any type of aircraft in line maintenance for flight departures.

Duration of this A1 license program is 1 + 1 = 2 Years

B1.1 – Base Maintenance

This category of AME license includes all the privileges of category A1.

After acquiring Type Rating for a particular aircraft, the person becomes a full-fledged Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, for covering maintenance, repairing, replacement, or rectification of structure for aircraft types.

The holder of this AME license is employable in line maintenance as well as major maintenance for the aircraft type.

Duration of B1.1 license program is 2 + 2 = 4 Years

OK… so this was about aircraft maintenance engineering course details.

For an idea on its syllabus, please refer: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Syllabus

Now turn for its qualification… meaning… eligibility criteria…

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Qualification

  • Candidates should have passed 10 + 2 with PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) as major subjects.
  • His/her minimum age should be 16 years.
  • Candidates who have pursued a Diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics & Aeronautical stream may also apply.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is a high-class job profile with an absolutely handsome salary package, in India and across the world.

Currently, in India, there is a shortage of aircraft maintenance engineers… The number of jobs is way more than the aircraft maintenance engineers in India… This is the reason, why for AME aspirants, there is a golden opportunity in India.

According to experts, assumptions are high that… in the future, there will be a requirement of 7,54,000 (approx) licensed aircraft maintenance engineers worldwide.

What actually worked as fuel to aircraft maintenance engineering scope is the launching of the UDAN (Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik) scheme. This added huge demand for potent aircraft maintenance engineers across the country.

OK… here the blog on how to get an aircraft maintenance engineer license ends up… Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it and now you’re clear on how to become an aircraft maintenance engineer in India.

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