Hunter Test vs TestoGen – Which One Should You Buy?

Hunter Test vs TestoGen

TestoGen vs Hunter Test- Comparative Review: Which Is Better?

Testosterone boosting supplements are very famous among customers these days. But confusion starts when we have to name the best testosterone booster.

The market has a range of testosterone boosters ranging from the famous TestoGen to recently launched Hunter Test.

So if you are also wondering about which one you should be investing in, then you have come to the right place.

The following sections take you to a comparative study between, Hunter Test Vs TestoGen.

Both of them offer similar benefits but on having a closer analysis you will find certain differences. Let us first look at TestoGen.



TestoGen is a famous testosterone booster that acts on the overall health of your body. It consists of 100% natural ingredients which give it more reliability.

Let us have a short summary of its key highlights.

Key Features:

  • It uses natural and safe ingredients.
  • Has ancient herbs with medicinal properties
  • They have a medicinal formula which lets ingredients absorb into your body.
  • It increases stamina and results in better performance
  •  Increases mental abilities along with better concentration and focus.

If we talk about customer satisfaction then TestoGen before and after reviews are quite positive. Thus we can say that it has not failed to surprise its customers with good results.

Now let us have a look at the other side participants of this clash.

Hunter Test

Hunter Test

It has got clean yet effective blend of ingredients which make it a premium choice for boosting your hormonal levels.

Let us have a highlight of why it stands out of the crowd.

Key Features:

  • Enhances muscle mass and performance.
  •  Brings about a positive change in your lifestyle which lasts for a lifetime
  •  It has a high dosage comparatively more than any boosting supplement available in the market.
  •  Guarantees result and focus more on men who tend to have a busy lifestyle
  • It does not include any added colors, flavors, or gluten.

Thus we can see the benefits of both these testosterone boosters are highly considerable. However, this was just an introduction to our star products. Let us begin with a detailed comparison of the TestoGen Vs Hunter Test.

Let us first start with the ingredients as they form the basis of the functioning of both these supplements.


Both of our supplements share a few mutual ingredients however there is a difference in dosage.

Mutual ingredients:

  1. D-aspartic acid

It stimulates the production of hormones which stimulate testosterone production

  1. Magnesium

It enhances the quality of sleep and consequently aids in boosting testosterone production.

  1. Vitamin D3

It prevents the conversion of free testosterone into estrogen

  1. Zinc

It regulates many functions in the body.

It maintains healthy sperm levels.

  1. Boron

It boosts testosterone production

  1. Asian ginseng

It enhances sleep quality and also boosts testosterone levels.

On comparing the quantity of these ingredients in our two boosters, Hunter Test had more dosage as compared to TestoGen.

Thus we can say that Hunter Test Results might be more visible as compared to TestoGen. But before sticking to this result we must go through their unique ingredients and their efficiency.

Ingredients of TestoGen:

  1. Nettle leaf extract

It prevents free testosterone from getting inactivated

  1. Fenugreek extract

Its boost stamina and enhances performance.

  1. Vitamin K1

It helps in absorption of vitamin D1

  1. Vitamin B6

It helps in making your body more active

  1. Bioperine

It increases the efficiency of other ingredients

These ingredients and their efficiency can clearly yield the best TestoGen results.

Let us look at Hunter Test ingredients for better comparison.

Ingredients of Hunter Test:

  1. Vitamin k2

It enhances the working of Vitamin D3

  1. Ashwagandha

It enhances athletic performance along with boosting testosterone.

  1. Indole-3-carbinol

It boosts testosterone secretion.

Out of these three elements, Ashwagandha is a rare ingredient that gives it more efficiency over TestoGen.

The formulation of the above two boosters has got unique elements which makes our comparison easier.


TestoGen has got Bioperine which results in better effectiveness of its ingredients. On the other hand, Hunter Test has got ashwagandha which catches our attention. On comparing their formulation, we found that Hunter Test leads by 1. This is because ashwagandha used with a high dosage of other ingredients.

While looking at Hunter Test side effects, there also it has passed the safety test. Thus it has a blend of effective and safe ingredients.

Looking at the above results, we must say that Hunter Test has bowled out TestoGen in the ingredients round. If you wish to boost your testosterone levels, try for Hunter Test!

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