Snoring in Females: Is It Harmless? [Causes and Treatment]

Is snoring bad for your health

Has your sleep ever got interrupted by someone snoring Right Next to you?

Chances are that the answer to this question is yes. But is snoring bad for your health?

Snoring is a common condition that is often taken lightly. We all know a person or two who snores. 

Additionally, the chances that the snorer is male are even higher. 

Studies show that snoring affects more men than women.

However, that doesn’t mean females have nothing to worry about!

In general, it is often considered that snoring is harmless. 

But if you are a female and a regular snorer, then there may be a health-related reason behind it. 

So, what causes snoring in females?

You should know that the air passage in men is comparatively narrower than in women.

This answers the question of why men contribute to snoring more than women. 

Furthermore, as it is not a normal phenomenon, the causes of snoring in females could be as follows.

Risk Factors of Snoring

Here are some of the reasons that could be responsible for your snoring:

#1. Age

Snoring problems after the age of 30 is possible in females.

#2. Menopause

PMS is one of the primary reasons behind the major health problems in women.

It is also possible for a female to snore more like a man after premenstrual syndrome.

#3. Obstructive Sleep Apnea

OSA could also be one of the cause of snoring in females.

Although snoring is more common in males, it’d be wrong to say that it cannot affect females.

#4. Pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and have gained weight, it could be the reason behind your snoring. 

Gaining weight during pregnancy expands the blood vessels in the nasal cavity which leads to snoring in pregnant women.

If any of these factors are contributing to your snoring, then you must address them soon. 

Moreover, after learning about the reasons for snoring in females, let’s know about How to stop snoring.

Treatments to Stop Snoring

After all this, a question like Is snoring normal may come to your mind.

The answer to this query is snoring is more common than normal. But saying that it is not harmful would be a lie.

In fact, it can be harmful in some cases.

Now that you know it can be harmful, it must be treated to avoid any serious breathing issues.

Following are the various ways to reduce snoring:

#1. Losing Weight

If you’re overweight, shedding some kilos would be helpful in curing snoring.

Excessive weight around your neck or chest can create breathing problems giving rise to snoring. 

#2. Changing the Sleeping Positions

People who sleep on their back are likely to snore more. The reason could be partial airways due to pulling back of the throat tissue.

So, try to sleep on your side to avoid snoring.

#3. Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

Avoiding alcohol and any sedative pills before bed can help you control snoring. 

#4. Use Anti-Snoring Device

Using an anti-snoring device nearly shows 100% results.

This small comfortable device, when used properly, has high effectiveness. It is like nasal oxygen.

#5. Better Sleep Hygiene

It is really important to maintain sleep hygiene in a stressful lifestyle.

Adequate sleep on a clean bed in a dark silent room is really important for better sleep hygiene.

As we have come to an end, it’s time to take a quick look at the key takeaways.

Key Takeaways

So, Is snoring bad for your health? Yes, it can be. Snoring is common and can be harmful in some cases.

Furthermore, the cause of snoring in females can be a sign of some health issues. 

The reasons for snoring in females are weight gain, pregnancy, menopause, etc.

However, leaving aside the health risks, snoring can be irritating as well. Most importantly, it can disrupt a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you’ve got a partner, then it can cause strain in your relationship as well. 

Considering these factors, it’s best to take measures to stop snoring as soon as possible.

So, getting it treated would be great for the sound sleep of both the snorer and the person sleeping with the snorer.

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