Line Pump vs Boom Pump: Best For Concrete Pumping Project

Line Pump vs Boom Pump

You must have heard of two most concrete pumping machines – Boom pump vs line pump. They are consider a very ideal choice for any kind of concrete pumping projects.

A boom pump is good for those construction projects where large amount of concrete pouring is to perform at a height.

Whereas line pump is a more compact stationary pump best for horizontal pumping.

Its true that concrete pumps makes the pumping task more smooth compared to those heavy cement mixer or haul mixer.

However do you know the difference between line pump vs boom pump? Or the right way to use the both the pumps?

If not you better don’t skip this blog on Line Pump Rental vs Boom Pump Rental showing the advantages and disadvantages of both concrete pumps.

Boom Pump Or Line Pump: Which One Is Good For Your Project?

Choosing the right concrete pumping machine will actually bring you higher satisfaction in your work and more future projects of happy lets give a look on both of them individually,

Starting with boom pump first,

#1. Boom Pump

To understand the difference between a line pump and boom pump firstly you need to understand what a boom pump is! It is a kind of concrete pump which is mounted on truck sometimes [also called as truck mount pump] has an arm to remotely control the delivery of cement on area requires.

The main advantage of using these kinds of Concrete Pump Rental is that you can pour huge amount of concrete in short time even from greater heights- that too with accuracy.

Another plus point of using a boom concrete pump is their configurations that allows you to handle them at a busy construction sites too. Using this pump you can pour concrete in the areas which may have remain unaccessible with line pumps.

Boom Pump Applications

If you have got construction projects like of apartments, building and other large size constructions you can choose to go for boom pumps. Due to their high volume capacity and speed they can make your projects accomplished with grace.

Also if your construction project area has a lot of obstacles or busy sites like bridges, – boom pumps can really be a relief in your work.

Now coming to our second Concrete Line Pump Rental,

#2. Line Pump

Coming to concrete line pump it’s a long hose attach with a stationary pump on trailer. The hose hels in pouring the concrete more easily and are consider good for horizontal pumping. You can also extend those hose virtually as long as you want.

Concrete line pumps are generally smaller in size more compact easier to be used or maneuver around your construction area.

Now coming to their applications,

Line Pump Applications

If you have got projects like of smaller residential sites, swimming pools, building or driveway the most common concrete pump you can use is this line pump.

Due to their flexibility and lower volume capacity many constructors use this machine in their complex construction projects.

You can also use line pumps in those areas where you got so many obstacles and boom pumps cannot be used properly.

So we assume that after reading this you would not be confuse regarding which concrete pumps to use! Now one more thing if you are thinking regarding where to go for Concrete Pump Rental – choose Maple Concrete Pumping.

Looking For Rentals Of Concrete Pumps In Toronto?

In short if you works for larger commercial construction projects where you require concrete pumping more in quicker time going for boom pumps can never turn out wrong.

similarly if you are going for smaller residential construction projects line pumps rental would be a great choice.

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