Line Pump vs Boom Pump: Best For Concrete Pumping Project

You must have heard of two most concrete pumping machines – Boom pump vs line pump. They are consider a very ideal choice for any kind of concrete pumping projects.

A boom pump is good for those construction projects where large amount of concrete pouring is to perform at a height.

Whereas line pump is a more compact stationary pump best for horizontal pumping.

Its true that concrete pumps makes the pumping task more smooth compared to those heavy cement mixer or haul mixer.

However do you know the difference between line pump vs boom pump? Or the right way to use the both the pumps?

If not you better don’t skip this blog on Line Pump Rental vs Boom Pump Rental showing the advantages and disadvantages of both concrete pumps.

Boom Pump Or Line Pump: Which One Is Good For Your Project?

Choosing the right concrete pumping machine will actually bring you higher satisfaction in your work and more future projects of happy lets give a look on both of them individually,

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Which Kind Of Concrete Pump Is The Best Fit For Your Project?

Considering the specifications and sizes, there are various kinds of concrete pumps. Further, they have different features for specific construction usage. Also, their application criteria vary.

Undoubtedly, these facts and figures make it complicated to pick the right concrete pump rental or buying. Hence, to help you out we have come up with this detailed blog.

Firstly, let’s understand our concrete pumps.

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