PhenQ vs PhenGold Review | Ingredients And Effectiveness Unboxed!

PhenGold vs PhenQ

PhenGold vs PhenQ – The Ultimate Fat Burners Of All Time!

When planning a weight loss routine, the agony of putting up what’s best sustains the longest!

From choosing the right diet to going on and deciding the right exercises, everything counts.

But the most difficult part comes in when you have to choose a supplement!

The market has got a great number of weight loss supplements.

But obviously, one cannot use all of them!

Hence, choosing out of so many weight loss boosters becomes really hectic.

But not anymore, we are here to help you out in choosing an ideal supplement for you.

What we have here is a curated review of the ingredients and the effectiveness of two prominent fat burners – PhenQ vs PhenGold.


PhenGold vs PhenQ – Prominent Fat Burners Overview!

Your body needs proper nourishment to boost weight loss and muscle development.

But your diet is never enough to do that.

However, with the following fat burners and weight loss pills, your body gets the desired enhancement.

Both the pills, work well to speed up your digestion, thermogenesis, and energy levels!

But which pill actually matches the pace of your weight loss goals?

Let us find out!


PhenQ Reviews – Product Overview

PhenQ has been one of the favorites of the supplements industry for years.

Earlier they were famous for their scientifically proven weight loss formula making the product effective.

But now, the PhenQ Reviews 2021 are getting popular because of the real and noticeable results too!

The ingredients present in PhenQ are safe and 100% natural making the composition free of side effects.

But what makes them special, is their ability to accelerate your metabolism and calorie-burning ability.

This naturally burns stubborn fat and also boosts your muscle mass.

PhenQ comes from a reputed brand Wolfson Berg Limited, a place famous for safe and sound supplements.

But don’t consider PhenGold any less!

The PhenGold reviews have also been rising the temperature among gym freaks.


PhenGold Metabolism Booster – Product Overview

The PhenGold dietary supplement is all about its highly researched formula including high-quality ingredients.

These ingredients aim at helping you reduce and manage your weight.

This supplement proves to be a potent fat burner nourishing you with vital vitamins and nootropics.

Its ingredients come together to give you a boost in metabolism, focus, reduce cravings and burn excess fat.

What makes the formula stand out is its ability to promote healthy heart and brain functions.

PhenGold comes from the Swiss Research Labs Limited, famous for their acclaimed fat burners and supplements.

Establishing an idea about the two fat burners, our next stop is at the ingredients!


PhenQ vs PhenGold – Battle Of Ingredients

The success story of any supplement is written by its ingredients.

In the case of PhenQ and PhenGold, there are many common as well as unique ingredients.

Hence, we will divide this section into two:


Common Ingredients

Since both the products share some goal, having a common core of ingredients is obvious.

Thus, our ingredients list sees some of the following common ingredients:

  • Anhydrous Caffeine
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Vitamin B3
  • Black pepper extract

However, when you are comparing the products, our matter of concern lies in the unique ingredients.

It’s the unique formula that is responsible for providing uniqueness to the products.


 Unique Ingredients

The following ingredients make the results and outcomes of the product different from each other.


PhenGold Ingredients

PhenGold includes 8 unique ingredients providing some really amazing results:


#1. Green Tea Extract

Researchers claim that taking green tea results in excess expenditure of calories.

Several studies also show that the catechins present in green tea prevent obesity and boost thermogenesis.


 #2. Green Coffee

According to studies, green coffee boosts weight loss and is helpful in managing weight.

PhenGold offers this boost by using 100mg of Green tea per serving.


#3. Vitamin B6 and B12

These vitamins aid indigestion.

But their main purpose in PhenGold is to boost your energy levels and reduce stress levels.


#4. DMAE Bitartrate

This ingredient has nootropic properties.

Hence it enhances your cognitive abilities and reduces stress.


#5. L-Theanine

With caffeine, it helps in preventing weight gain and entry of excess fat.

Apart from this it also keeps you focused.


#6. L-Tyrosine

This ingredient enhances your focus and sharpness in performing exercises.

It also keeps out stress.


#7. Rhodiola Rosea Root

PhenGold uses Rhodiola which is a famous fat eliminator and performance enhancer.

It boosts your endurance and performance promoting weight loss.


These ingredients come together to offer amazing results that the PhenGold customer reviews boast of!


PhenQ Ingredients

PhenQ uses fewer ingredients as compared to PhenGold:


#1. Chromium Picolinate

This mineral acts as an appetite suppressant and controls your craving.

Moreover, this ingredient is not so common among fat burners.


#2. Nopal cactus

It suppresses cravings and controls your weight loss.

They prevent the entry of excess fat too!


#3. L-carnitine Fumarate

It is a distinctive weight loss promoter found in many weight loss supplements.

Researchers find it effective in weight loss among humans.


#4. Calcium Carbonate

The ingredient prevents excess entry of fat and weight gain.


These ingredients are responsible for the over edge PhenQ before and after transformations!

Final Verdict


Comparing the ingredients, we can see that PhenGold has more ingredients than PhenQ.

Moreover, PhenGold ingredients have more logical evidence than the PhenQ ingredients!

Hence, going for PhenGold can be an ideal choice if you are looking forward to burning significant weight.

In fact, PhenGold contains three stable weight loss fixers which even researchers swear by!

Thus altogether, the comparison goes in favor of PhenGold.

However, you can refer to their official website for an in-depth comparison.

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