Which Kind Of Concrete Pump Is The Best Fit For Your Project?

concrete pump

Considering the specifications and sizes, there are various kinds of concrete pumps. Further, they have different features for specific construction usage. Also, their application criteria vary.

Undoubtedly, these facts and figures make it complicated to pick the right concrete pump rental or buying. Hence, to help you out we have come up with this detailed blog.

Firstly, let’s understand our concrete pumps.

Types Of Concrete Pumps

Primarily, there are only two types of concrete pumps. These are concrete boom pumps and concrete line pumps.

Here we have shared a comparative overview of the two concrete pump types.




Concrete Boom Pump

High Rise Development

High Flow Rate
Articulating Pump

Large Scale Construction

Concrete Line Pump

Concrete Slabs

Medium Flow Rate
Flexible Hose Pump

Small Scale  Construction

The above chart provides a brief idea which of the concrete pump type is suitable for your project. Next, we have shared a more comprehensive comparison for a more detailed overview.

Which Type of Concrete Pump do You Need to Hire?

The application of concrete pumps appears similar and straight forward. However, understanding the difference between pumping technologies can make a remarkable difference.

Acknowledgment of the core difference of the two primary concrete pumps type helps in saving both time and money. On top of that, you receive the best in output in your next construction project.

#1: Concrete Line Pump

‘Trailer pump’ or a ‘stationary pump’ are other terms used for line pumps. These are versatile concrete pumps designed for flexible concrete pouring.

These pumps are capable of connecting to multiple extension hoses. This makes it capable of pouring at heights or even in distant locations. However, in terms of smaller volume concrete pumping, these are unmatched when it comes to their price to performance ratio

Still, line pumps are predominantly efficient. They have features to slower pump rates compared to boom pumps. Hence, this makes it a more ideal solution for trifle applications.

These are best for residential and small-scale construction including such as concrete slabs, swimming pools, and sidewalks.

Core Features Of A Concrete Line Pump Comprise:

  • Low-Medium flow rate
  • Reach of 30-50Ft +
  • Cost-efficient
  • Flexible hose configuration
  • Improved mobility
  • Ideal for small scale construction

#2: Concrete Boom Pump

‘Truck-Mounted Pump’ is another term used for the Concrete boom pump. Actually, it’s the mother of all concrete pouring action. In fact, it is more valuable machines on a job site with a number of tailored specifications.

It has been designed for accurately, efficiently, and reliably pump concrete. Having a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm, these are revolutionary technology than other pumping methods.

Having amazing performance, the concrete boom pump is best for large infrastructure and construction developments. This includes high-rises, warehouses, and other large commercial products.

Core Features Of A Boom Pump Comprise:

  • High flow rate
  • Huge volume capacity
  • Articulating Pump
  • High-reach access
  • Wonderful mobility
  • Ideal for large scale construction

Hire The Finest Concrete Pumps At The Best Prices!

Finally, after reading the blog, making the decision for the right concrete pump is easier.

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