All You Need To Know About Scissor Lifts For Sale

Aerial Lift

Scissor lifts are a highly useful piece of equipment for lifting heavier loads.

In fact, it can fit in multiple crew members and materials together which can be rather useful for controlling project downtime.

Furthermore, scissor lifts are most commonly used in parking garages and warehouses for their amazing lifting capacity. Any construction site using a scaffolding can also use a scissor lift.

These vertical platforms can also reach up to 40 to 50 feet making them useful for projects where workers are required to work at heights.

Henceforth, renting or buying a Scissor Lift For Sale can be a great step towards the fast completion of projects. Here are some details about scissor lifts. Read to know why they can be the best choice for your next endeavor.

Types of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts come in a variety of types and lift capacities to suit your needs and requirements. Well, when it comes to lifting, this equipment is quite versatile and capable of lifting up to 1000 pounds or more.

The vertical movement is possible through criss-cross folding support. And the lifts are usually placed just beneath the work area.

Furthermore, scissor lifts usually have two different types:

Electric scissor lift

These scissor lifts are ideal for indoor or outdoor work. Further, electric scissor lifts allow you to work in a tight space job but only when the surface is flat and leveled. One major advantage of these lifts is their eco-friendliness with less air and noise pollution.

Rough terrain scissor lift

These are the best fit for even the most rugged job sites. They have large work platforms and heavy lifting capacities. You can rent or buy them to work on slopes and terrains.

Both the above scissor lift are quite suitable for indoor as well as outdoor work.

Well, perhaps the only limitation with scissor lifts is they only move up and down, i.e, they only have vertical movement.

Still, when compared to Boom Lifts, these can lift a lot more in one load.

Well, whichever equipment you require, Toucan Lift is here to fulfill those needs while meeting your expectations for quality.

In fact, besides electric and rough terrain scissor lifts, we also offer personnel scissor lifts. These are compact sized and will allow you to work in narrow spaces, such as malls, offices, or schools.

Get in Touch with Torcan Lift for the Best Deals!!

Torcan lift has been serving our customers with quality aerial lifting and personnel equipment since 1999.

We operate in and around the Greater Toronto Area and are one of the fastest-growing lift companies.

Further, we provide quality and well-maintained equipment meeting varying project needs. Torcan Lift is currently offering Scissor Lift Rental services along with Scissor Lift for Sale if you’re willing to make an investment.

Our services encompass complete care and support. When you choose us, you get:
  • Same-day quotes
  • Leasing and financing options to meet your budget
  • Warranty and parts support
  • On-site consultations with our experts
  • Follow-ups and inspection

Our extensive network of suppliers enables us to fulfill all your equipment needs on time.

Call us @ 416-743-2500 to get information on our new and used scissor lift equipment available for sale.

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