PhenQ Vs Instant Knockout – Comparison Between The Top 2 Fat Burners

PhenQ vs Instant Knockout Pills

PhenQ vs Instant Knockout

We might be living in an obesity-stricken world full of unhealthy oils, donuts and processed foods. But people have now realised that they need to shed some weight. Fat burning pills have come out to be a great help. Today we will be taking a look at PhenQ Vs Instant Knockout, the top 2 fat burners.

Read on to find out who is successful in Instant Knockout vs PhenQ Fat Burner comparison:

Note:  We’ll be comparing these two fat burners by looking at how each one fares in four specific categories.

These are: Ingredients, benefits, side effects, brand and where to buy PhenQ and Instant Knockout Fat Burner GNC

Benefits and Background

This segment details what both fat burner is claimed to do, and why it can claim to be so effective.

This contains the functions of the supplement, but also the impact the product has had on the industry.

When it comes to the benefits this is what each supplements claims:

                  PhenQ’s Benefits       Instant Knockout’s Benefits
Burns Fat

All natural

Suppresses Appetite

Improves Mood

Improves Energy

Provides Thermogenic Fat Burning

Completely Natural and Drug Free

Increases Focus

Boosts Energy

Suppresses Appetite

To this point, it’s a pretty even match. However, both fat burners claim to promote the same benefits.

However, what about the background? What reasoning does each supplement give to prove it’s the best choice for you?

                   PhenQ’s Benefits      Instant Knockout’s Benefits
        “190,000 Plus Satisfied Customers can’t be wrong”

Testimonials with images

   They are designed and used for MMA Fighters

Numerous Testimonials with images

Let’s see both nutrient profiles side by side…

PhenQ vs Instant Knockout

When doing your research on internet fat burners, there are two names that get mentioned a lot – Instant Knockout from Roar Ambition, and PhenQ by the Wolfson Berg Ltd.

Frankly, both these supplements are using mainly all-natural ingredients. Moreover not only are they using the standards like caffeine, but they are creating extremely well rounded supplements by including trace minerals, essential amino acids, and vital vitamins.

Below is a comprehensive review of our two PhenQ vs Instant Knockout top rated fat burning supplements…

#1: PhenQ

PhenQ fat burner

PhenQ is a powerful, all-in-one slimming formula that provides a multitude of benefits, helping to create a slim, health & beautiful physique.

PhenQ is made with extremely high standards. They offer supplements that are of the highest quality and manufactured under strict guidelines set forth by the FDA.

They also only use ingredients that are 100% pharmaceutical grade. Thus, ensuring the best results

Furthermore, the company stands by their promise to their customers, offering great customer service; nutritional expertise, fitness and health consultation, to help customers reach their goals.

PhenQ’s Good Ingredients:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Energy, Metabolism & Power
  • Capsicum – Thermogenic
  • Piperine – Absorption
  • Chromium – Metabolsim

GNC is really popular in many countries for selling health and fitness supplements. However, they are not authorized for supplying PhenQ and Instant Knockout.

Recently, many people are even searching Instant Knockout GNC Price online. Genuinely, this cannot provide you with GNC Instant Knockout.

#2: Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is the alpha and omega of fat burner supplements. It was designed for MMA fighters and boxers to help burn fat for fights.

So, it is powerful and has proven to be effective. It is contain of 10 amazing fat burning ingredients that have been clinically tested.

The ingredients profile has all healthy vitamins, minerals, and more to help burn off suborn fat. Thus, it tends to be effective in losing that extra flab of fat.

Most significantly, Instant Knockout does not use proprietary blends, and thus you always know what you are getting with each dose.

Instant Knockout’s Good Ingredients:

  • Chromium – Metabolism
  • Green Tea Extract – Thermogenic
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – Thermogenic
  • Glucomannan – Appetite Suppressant
  • Caffiene Anhydrous – Energy, Metabolism & Power
  • Black pepper (Piperine) – Absorption


We hope now you are more clear about fat burners that work, and we were able to add a little more knowledge about these products to you.

However, PhenQ vs Instant Knockout supplements stay clean when it comes to side effects. No side effects have been reported with either.

Thus, the manufacturer of this weight loss pills doesn’t allow any other pharmacy stores or e-stores such as Instant Knockout Amazon, GNC, and Walmart to sell his product.

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