Solar Panel Installer Melbourne: How To Determine One?

Solar Panel Installer Melbourne

The reduction in the price tag of the solar panels has caused number of households and businessman to go for 10 kw or 6.6kw Solar Panels Sydney.

However if you don’t know certain important things about solar panel installations you can get pissed of later on.

That’s why to help you out we got this blog discovering the different aspects to think on while going solar.

So let’s get started.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Solar Panel Installations?

It is not necessary to have detailed knowledge on the technical aspects of solar panel installations. However the idea of the factors which you should expect from a Good Solar Panel Installer Melbourne is necessary.

#1. Selection Of Right Technology

Though there are various kinds and qualities of solar panels available in the market. You should choose the one of good quality in your budget.

Further solar panels come in qualities like monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels. Monocrystalline panels are more efficient then polycrystalline ones however the size of polycrystalline is more compact than the first one.

Thus watching your requirements you should choose solar panels with support of warranty period.

#2. Measure Your Consumption Pattern

This one of the basic and obvious reason to determine while going for solar system. If you don’t examine the energy consumption you have how will you determine the best size of solar panels for home or business!

Also you should consider the fact that at what time you get on solar energy-from morning or evening time. This will be also be helpful in determining the position of solar panels to be placed.

#3. Knowledge Of Financial Incentives

The government of many countries are promoting solar power by offering various incentive and subsidy programme on solar system of like 10kw vs 6.6kw Solar Power System. Thus before going for any solar panels or system you should look out for such offers.

These are going to give some relief to your pockets by saving some of your dollars. The subsidies can be of various types like,

  • Investment Subsidy: this subsidy is granted on the Cost Of Solar Panels
  • Feed-in tariffs: in this process you will be paid at a rate for transferring some of energy to power grids.

#4. Determine The Positioning Of Solar Panels

The one of the essential factor of solar panel installations is the correct position of solar panels. It is really important to be expert in this to get the full and efficient supply of solar energy for consumption. For example,

  • If you live in northern part of the area the sun will be in the south of the sky. Thus for maximum exposure to sunrays the solar panels should be install on south facing roof
  • If you live in southern part of the area the best way of getting maximum sun exposure will be to get solar panel install on north facing roof.

#5. Decision Of Solar System With Battery Or Not

This factor is determine on the basis of fact that whether you want to go for off grid or on grid solar system.

The basic difference between the two is whether you want to be self-dependent for energy supply [off grid] or you want to get the energy transfer from power grids [on grid].

Because if you go for off grid in that case you need to have solar battery backup for energy consumption.

However in case of on grid you don’t have to worry for the backup energy.

Also you should know that you need to have a bigger budget if you wanna go for Solar System With Battery Backup.

#6. Choosing The Best Solar Panel Installer

This last but not the least point is actually a very tough and time taking decision for you.

Hence while choosing a solar panel installer always go for more professional and competent ones in this field. Only if you want to enjoy the solar energy for a longer period of time without any hindrance.

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