Skin Care During Summers: Natural Tips You Can Try at Home

how to care for skin in summer

Summer has finally entered our lives and the race to find the answers of how to care for skin in summer begins.

And as much we love to see the sunshine and enjoy the liveliness of the beach, we hate the sunburns, inflammation, redness of the skin, and sunburn blisters.

In the scorching summer, as the temperature rises our skin starts to show the signs of more protection.

Furthermore, our skin gland secrets natural oil leading to greasy skin.

Before talking about how to care for skin in summer?

First, let’s know about some of the most common skin problems during summer.

  1. Sunburn.
  2. Sunburn blisters.
  3. Acne breakouts.
  4. Dry skin.
  5. Inflammation.
  6. Itchiness etc.

Talking about sunburn, it is the most common skin problem during summer.

To avoid this, we usually hoard our skin with a lot of sunscreens. The sunburn itself is awful but it gets worse when you get sunburn blisters.

So, how to get rid of sunburn blisters fast?

The sun blisters neither look nor feel great. These swollen, red peeling skins are painful to deal with.

How to Get Rid of Sunburn Blisters?

Below are certain ways of getting rid of sunburn blisters:

  1. Prevent Dehydration
  2. Cover the affected area while stepping outside.
  3. Apply ice to provide relief from the burning pain
  4. Clear the affected area with soap and water to avoid infection. [if the blister bursts.]
  5. If you see any major problem or anything different in your blisters, it’s better you consult a dermatologist.

In addition to this, you can also try some home remedies for sunburn blisters.

Home Remedies for Sunburn Blisters

Here are some tips to take care of your skin during summers right from the comfort of your home:

  • You can comfort your skin with a cool compress.
  • Take a cool shower bath.
  • Apply ample aloe vera gel.
  • Adding lavender or chamomile oil to your bath can provide relief from the stinging pain.
  • As per the studies, black tea may have the ability to reduce inflammation. Therefore, you can use black tea to heal from inflammation.
  • If you have Apple cider vinegar at home, you can use it to maintain the PH level of your skin. This will help to cure blisters and peeling of the skin.

Sunburn and sunburn blisters are the primary summer skin problems.

But now it’s time to know about some tips for glowing skin in summer naturally.

Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer [Naturally]

Too much of anything is harmful.

During summer, if you’re out in sun for a longer period, it’ll definitely damage your skin.

Moreover, the harmful UV rays can cause itchy skin, severe tanning, and skin rashes as well.

For this reason, as soon as summer approaches, people start hoarding summer skincare products.

But truth be told, summer skincare products are costly and could also be harmful to your summer-sensitive skin.

Now, you must be worried about how to get glowing skin in summer.

Then don’t worry my friend.

You can maintain the summer glow naturally and in a pocket-friendly way as well.

Below are the tips for glowing skin in summer naturally:

  • Adopt a proper Skincare regime.
  • You can use natural products like oats/quinoa as a scrub, rose water for cleansing, and turmeric/ roasted Gram flour as a face pack.
  • You can use aloe vera to remove tanning. Aloe vera will make your skin baby soft and bouncy.
  • Adding various homemade face packs will provide you with a natural glow at less cost.

For instance, you can use:

#1 Gram flour and cucumber facemask

#2 Cucumber and potato mix face mask

#3 Banana facemask [ it works as an anti-aging face mask and works wonders on acne as well]

  • Apart from these, adding seasonal fruits and vegetables is a must to get glowing skin in summer.

Because what you feed your body inside is what it shows outside.

  • Keeping your skin hydrated minimizes the possibility of skin dryness, itching, and sunburn. Thus, maintaining the glow.
  • At last, maintain a regular workout routine. Regular exercise increases your blood circulation and provides your skin with an ample amount of oxygen.

Workout also helps your body to release the body toxins through sweat.

Now let’s move on to see the key points of this informative blog How to care for skin in summer?


As the summer is back, I know you must be planning to go to the beach or planning a picnic. But in all the excitement don’t forget to take care of your skin.

Skincare could be a costly affair if you have sensitive skin in summer but not when you use all the natural products and home remedies.

Happy Summer Everyone!

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