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Solar Panels for Home

Are you thinking of switching to a more environment-friendly and affordable energy source for your home? Then you must have already heard about Solar Panels.

With technology advancements in the use of solar energy, many home owners are thinking of installing a solar panel. It can drastically increase the overall energy efficiency of your property.

Further, going solar in a sunny area like NSW is a good investment of your money. It is cost-effective and good for the environment. Furthermore, Solar System NSW minimizes your dependency on fossil fuels for power generation.

Want to install a Solar Panel?

First, let’s see how solar panels work to produce energy for your property.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar Panels work by absorbing sunlight through its cells. We have arranged the process into steps for a better understanding:

Solar Panels Working Mechanism


  • Silicon PV cells present in the Solar Panels absorb the solar radiation.
  • When sunlight comes in contact with the cells, electrons begin to move. The absorbed sunlight then produces Direct Current (DC) energy.
  • When wires capture the Direct Current, it further converts it into Alternating Current (AC) energy with the help of Solar Inverter, which comes as a part of your Solar System.
  • This AC Current then flows through your home and powers your electrical devices.

Now, you know the working mechanism of a Solar Panel. Let’s have a look at the major benefits of installing a solar panel.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

You may already know some major cost-saving benefits of installing solar panels. And people often switch to solar energy because of its financial advantages. But installing a solar panel can have many more benefits. Take a look at some of them:

Benefits of Solar Power

#1: Clean Energy

Our environment and economy suffer as we continue to use coal and natural gas for energy generation. Using solar power can greatly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. This will lead to a better and cleaner environment.

#2: Long-Lasting Performance

Manufacturers selling solar systems often provide a warranty period of at least 25-30 years. This ensures that you will get guaranteed value for your money. This alone can save you many dollars on electricity bills.

#3: Federal Government Incentives

Federal Government offers Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). These STCs can be used to offset the price of solar panel installation. However, the number of STCs depends on the amount of electricity generated by the Solar System, calculated in Megawatts per Hour.

#4: Low Payback Period

Due to low electricity costs, you save a lot of money. These savings meet the total cost of installing a solar system in a few years. The Payback period is much less than the lifetime of your solar system.

So, these were some of the notable benefits you can expect when you install a Solar System in your property. So, going with solar Panel has never been easier. There are literally dozens of options present in the market according to your specific needs.

Especially, if you reside in a sunnier location like NSW, options for solar panel installation are even more. You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

However, choosing a solar panel can be a complicated process. But, it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at our top recommendation if you are in NSW and want to install a Solar Panel.

Choosing a Solar Panel in NSW

Solar Beam is one of the best Solar Panel Installers in NSW. Why? Because it offers you a 360 degree solar solution for all your solar energy needs. Solar Beam deals in top brands and different varieties of solar systems. So, you can choose the one that suits your energy requirements.

Solar Beam sources its solar panels from some of the top Tier-1 Solar Panel Brands:

#1: Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian Solar has 15 years of experience in solar module manufacturing. Their modules have an efficiency of up to 79%. Additionally, all the modules are performance tested for a PTC rating of 0%. So, you can be sure of their well-engineered design and quality.

#2: Jinko Solar Panels

This can perform excellently in even low-light environments due to their advanced glass. It has a conversion efficiency of up to 16.19%. Choose Jinko if you want excellent performance in extreme environmental conditions.

#3: Seraphim Solar Panels

It requires less maintenance due to its frameless structure that causes less soiling and snow accumulation. So, it can withstand harsh climatic conditions. Additionally, it yields more power due to lower power degradation.

#4: Trina Solar Panels

It has over 15 years of manufacturing experience. Further, Trina Solar Panels offers 25-30 years of performance warranty. Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) Solar Scorecard 2014 ranked it number 1 in sustainability. So, you can install Trina Solar Panels Sydney in your home to save electricity bills.

#5: German Solar Panels

German Solar Panels claims to have a terrific performance-cost ratio with 20 years of product warranty. As their Solar Panels have a bigger cell to frame distance, you will not have to worry about shading.

#6: LG Solar Panels

LG Solar Panels have proven field performance with a low LID rate. Its multi anti-reflective coatings increase output. Well, LG is a trusted brand and its solar panels do not disappoint with its efficiency and durability.

Want to Install Solar Panel In Your Home?

Solar Beam makes sure that you get best value with your solar panel installation. Moreover, you can be sure to get a durable solar solution with these top tier brands.

And what’s more, Solar Beam offers you up to 25-30 years performance warranty on its Solar Systems. Saving on your annual electricity bills cannot get easier than this.  We do install solar system of different kws. We have 5kw Solar System, 6.6kw Solar System NSW, and 10kw solar systems as well.

Wish to know more about Solar Beam services? You can visit our store directly in NSW or Call Us @ 1300-004-077 to get a quick quote.

Author: Solar Beam

Solar Beam is Australia’s#1 solar panel installer providing best and affordable solar solution to the homeowners, entrepreneurs, and their communities. The shift towards clean, affordable and reliable power in the NSW is most noticeable in the fast expansion of solar panels mounted on the tops of homes and organizations.

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