Best Solar System Size For Your Home [Important Factors]

Going for a solar system is the best decision you will ever make.

Solar power will not only reduce your energy bills but will also help you contribute more to the environment. That’s why solar energy is the new buzz in the land of Aussies. Reading this guide will tell you about the best solar system size you can pick for your home.

Panels are made up of numerous smaller solar cells and are electrically connected and condensed as a module. This module is the so-called Solar Panel.

Before you buy solar panels for your home, explore these factors and choose which option is right for you.

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A Quick Guide to Choose the Best Solar System for Home & Business

Going Solar Is The New Craze For Australian Homes And Business!

Solar energy is the cleanest energy available to mankind. Not only, its eco-friendly characteristics are gaining it a buzz, but there are additional advantages, making it popular. One of the major properties entails a lower energy bill.

Joining the rising number of Australians going solar is a good deal, as it saves a lot from your monthly energy bill. Besides, solar energy has the amazingly lowest carbon footprint making it the most potential energy source.

Nonetheless, going solar can be troublesome when you don’t acquire enough knowledge of the technical stuff. Without adequate information, the right advice, choosing the best solar system for home or business can be no less than a challenge.

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Best Solar Panels for Home In NSW | FREE Quote

Solar energy has rapidly acquired popularity because of its exceptional monetary advantage and eco-friendly feature.

However, when you go solar for your residential or commercial energy requirement, you need to consider a few factors.

Firstly, you need to understand your energy requirement and area available for solar energy. Only after deciding these factors, you’ll be able to select the most appropriate Solar System, which would deliver the required energy for consumption. Only proceed with the buying process after deciding these factors.

For the Best Solar Panel Installer NSW, contact Australia’s #1 Solar Company, Solar Beam. We ensure our clients get the most efficient Solar System with Tier 1 Solar equipment for maximum energy output and longevity.

Well, there are several Solar System NSW options you can go for. Here, we have mentioned the major solar systems we offer you at an unbeatable price with unmatchable quality.

Best Solar Panels Available in NSW

Well, there are several solar system options available for every price range.

However, you need to be sure the one you are going for is sufficient for your energy requirements.

So, here we’ve shared the major solar system range from which you can select the one that fits your power necessity.

#1: 10kw Solar System

The 10kw Solar System is the best fit for the energy requirements of large households to small commercial spaces. Moreover, if we talk about the specification, the number of 10kw Solar Panels in the system is 40.

Further, each of the panels has a power output of 250W. You can expect about 20kWh to 46kWh energy production depending on the geographical feature of your location.

Moreover, the energy output also varies with the brand and quality of panels and other solar equipment used.

#2: 6.6kw Solar System

6.6kw Solar System goes with the energy requirement of middle to small residential homes. Moreover, moving to specification, the number of 6.6kw Solar Panels in the entire solar system is 24. The size of each panel is about 1.6m by 1m.

After installing the assembly, you can expect daily energy output of around 24kwh which varies with the location. Further, go for high-quality and standard solar equipment if you want a high-output solar system.

We, at Solar Beam, ensure our clients get the top-quality Tier 1 Solar Panels and other equipment.

#3: 5kw Solar System

Well, 5kw Solar System is the best solar option for a small family with 2-3 members. It perfectly fits the energy requirement of such a small or nuclear family. The system comprises 20 panels.

Each of the 5kw Solar Panels is of 250W which will require around 30-40 m2 of roof space.

Moreover, you can expect around 22-24 units of daily energy production with the system. Besides, 5kw Solar System Price is very low and quite affordable for you.

#4: 3kw Solar System

3kw Solar System is perfect for a bachelor’s energy requirement or it can also go with a household of two people. Well, if you want to save a big chunk of power usage, the reliability of the solar system is available at a very cost-effective price.

Surprisingly, it requires a roof space of less than 300ft² which means it will fit even in small space. For such a family, it can save much of your energy bills.

Looking For The Best Solar System?

One of the most crucial factors in installing a solar system is selecting the best solar installer.

Well, in that scenario, going with a reliable and customer-friendly company which only uses Tier-1 equipment should be hired.

Australia’s #1 Solar Company, Solar Beam, utilizes the best quality solar panels, inverter, and other modules to provide you a system of higher energy output.

Moreover, we are well known for our customer-friendly approach and unbeatable solar system price.

We believe in innovation and technology. So, we keep upgrading ourselves with the latest and most recent discovery in the solar industry.

We only provide the industry’s leading Tier 1 Solar Panels which includes:

For further information about solar system panels and modules, contact us right now. We would help you throughout your project.

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Solar Panels for Your Home | Best Residential Solar Systems

Are you thinking of switching to a more environment-friendly and affordable energy source for your home? Then you must have already heard about Solar Panels.

With technology advancements in the use of solar energy, many home owners are thinking of installing a solar panel. It can drastically increase the overall energy efficiency of your property.

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