Warning Signs of Meniere’s Disease & Treatment Exercises

symptoms and treatment of Meniere's disease

Find out the most common symptoms and treatment exercises of Meniere’s disease for early relief!

Meniere’s disease is an incurable inner ear disorder that causes mild discomfort. It surfaces usually due to the accumulation of fluid inside the inner ear. If left untreated, it might cause temporary deafness.

From the reports of NICD (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorder), it’s pretty common among people between 40-60 years of age.

A clear treatment is not present recently. But a poor lifestyle definitely triggers Meniere’s Disease.

But first, How Do You Know If You Have Meniere’s Disease? Some signs and symptoms clearly indicate the possibility. 

This blog details the most common symptoms and treatment of Meniere’s disease. Read on to know all the details and assess if you should be concerned.

How to Find If You Have Meniere’s Disease?

It’s best to consult a doctor if you’re noticing many of these warning signs at once:

  •     Headache
  •     Poor hearing
  •     Vertigo
  •     Exhaustion
  •     Nausea
  •     Excessive sweating

If any of the symptoms are also accompanied by an earache, get yourself checked for Meniere’s disease.

In addition to these symptoms, you may also notice some other signs.

Meniere’s Disease Symptoms

  1.   Difficulty walking
  2.   Tinnitus (high buzzing sound in ears)
  3.   Dizziness leading to episodic vertigo
  4.   Migraine
  5.   Low immunity

These are some possible Symptoms of Meniere’s Disease. Since the exact cause of the disease is unknown, it’s important to look for these factors. However, some people mistake these symptoms for other maladies.

This may lead to a wrong diagnosis. That’s why it’s best to go for a proper check-up when you’re not sure.

Now that we’re aware of How to Know If You Have Meniere’s Disease, let’s also have a look into the diagnosis and treatment of Meniere’s disease.

Meniere’s Disease Diagnosis

There are several ways to diagnose Meniere’s disease.

Some common ways opted by medical professionals are:

  •     Auditory Brainstem Response test
  •     Electronystagmography Test
  •     Cranial CT scan
  •     Head MRI

Meniere’s Disease Treatment Exercises

Aerobics are important for people with Meniere’s disease. However, vigorous aerobics like biking, swimming, etc are among the top recommendations.

Though, you must be able to manage these activities physically. If not, it’s best to avoid doing them altogether.

Moreover, people with earaches are generally not a good fit for these exercises. Low impact aerobics like basic dance or yoga is best for them.

Yoga Poses to Practice at Home

#1.  Malasana (Garland Pose)

  • Do a squat.
  • Feet should be at a certain width to provide balance.
  • Balance the body for 10 secs. The spine should be straight.
  • Slowly return to normal position.
  • Repeat.

#2.  Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Spinal Twist)

  • Stretch the feet and body while sitting.
  • Place the left leg on right.
  • Twist the upper body in the opposite direction in which legs are stretched.
  • Repeat with another side.
  • Return to the normal position after 10-15 trials.

What to avoid to Treat Meniere’s Disease [Dietary Changes]

Some foods trigger Meniere’s Disease. People addicted to them should lower the quantity and then eliminate them completely.

#1. Limitations on Salt Intake

Canned and packaged items have added salt. It’s best to avoid Chinese food as they contain more sodium than required.

#2. Include Ginger Roots

They help with symptoms of Meniere’s disease. The natural treatment is very effective when it comes to symptoms and treatment of Meniere’s disease.

#3. Intake of Diuretic Products

The increased production of these foods increases the production of urine. That helps in body detox. It is important for Meniere’s patients.

#4. Lower Sugar Intake

Sugar in canned and processed foods is more than what the body requires. The consumption of such products triggers Meniere’s disease.

#5. Proper Hydration

The body needs to have water to run efficiently. Some people avoid drinking water, instead fulfill thirst through aerated drinks or beverages. This is never advisable.

#6. Say No to Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol consumption dehydrates your body. They affect the body in adverse ways. It’s important to minimize the consumption and then eliminate them completely out of the diet.

Wrapping Up

Meniere’s disease affects the inner ear. The proper reason as to why it occurs to some people is unknown. Due to a lack of medicines to treat them, only a lifestyle change is advisable.

The inclusion of exercises and yoga is fruitful. Though, this disease can occur to anyone in any age group. Until medical science achieves apt medicines, prevention is the cure.

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