Solar Rebate NSW scheme [Good News For All Solar Users!]

Are you a homeowner in NSW looking for solar? Today you are fortunate enough to get the detailed info about Solar Rebate NSW scheme available in 2021.

Homeowners in New South Wales pay an average electricity tariff of 30.65 cents/kWh, as per the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) and prices reach up to 55 cents/kWh during peak hours.

However, expensive electricity makes solar even more valuable, with a higher savings opportunity. This is also consider as one of the reasons why people there are getting more solar installations.

But many haven’t the idea of the solar incentive they can avail! That’s why if you don’t wanna fall in that category keep your eyes throughout this blog.

Starting with the basic – what is this Government Solar Rebate NSW?

What’s The Solar Rebate NSW Scheme 2021?

Currently, the SRES is the only program that offers New South Wales solar incentives. Good thing is that this incentive alone reduces the cost of solar installations by approx. 33%. Continue reading “Solar Rebate NSW scheme [Good News For All Solar Users!]”

Solar Power Rebates In 2021 – How It Works in NSW?

Solar is the best investment ever. It is not only because of the future possibility but the different Solar Power Rebates In 2021 offered by the federal government. This makes it the best investment opportunity ever.

First of all, solar offers you huge savings. On top of that, these rebates cut down the upfront cost, while helping to save more money in the long run.

So, the popularity of solar panels is going to increase over time. Evidently, solar has the immense possibility, which homeowners and business people have realized.

The government solar rebate NSW come in form of two main financial incentives includes

  • Small Scale Technology Certificates
  • Feed-in tariff

Let’s talk about them one by one, starting with STCs

What is Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

STCs had the previous name of Renewable Energy Certificates or RECS. It is provided on installation of renewable energy generating system like Solar system NSW.

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