Solar Power Rebates In 2021 – How It Works in NSW?

Solar Power Rebates in 2021

Solar is the best investment ever. It is not only because of the future possibility but the different Solar Power Rebates In 2021 offered by the federal government. This makes it the best investment opportunity ever.

First of all, solar offers you huge savings. On top of that, these rebates cut down the upfront cost, while helping to save more money in the long run.

So, the popularity of solar panels is going to increase over time. Evidently, solar has the immense possibility, which homeowners and business people have realized.

The government solar rebate NSW come in form of two main financial incentives includes

  • Small Scale Technology Certificates
  • Feed-in tariff

Let’s talk about them one by one, starting with STCs

What is Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

STCs had the previous name of Renewable Energy Certificates or RECS. It is provided on installation of renewable energy generating system like Solar system NSW.

The number of STC’s varies depending upon the energy generation capacity of the system. In other words, the greater the solar system, the greater the rebate.

Summing up, for every megawatt of solar energy, they provide you one STC as Solar Rebate NSW.

What does this mean for me?

Your solar system price reduces by the worth of STCs created by them. The installer will cut this cost from the upfront cost for your solar system NSW.

Moreover, there is no requirement for extra paperwork for getting the cost of STCs at the market rate.

STC Price

For residential and small-scale solar systems, the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) manages the trading and pricing for STCs.

Usually, electricity retailers buy STCs at the end of each quarter. However, SRES has only a fixed number of STCs surrendered every year.

Still, the number of STCs created varies, so varies its price depending on the supply and demands.

For this Solar Panel Rebate NSW, you’ve nothing to worry about, as your solar system installer manages the whole thing. Still, before hiring any company have a clear-cut discussion beforehand to avoid any problem in the future.

What is Feed-in Tariff?

Well, the new grid-connected solar systems NSW has net metering. This measures the surplus energy generated by the system sent to the grid to cut the reliance on the conventional energy source.

The surplus energy is not used gets transferred by the means of the grid to other homes automatically.

Actually, your grid energy provider buys this energy from you, and you receive this in form of a feed-in-tariff on your energy bills.

Undoubtedly, the solar installation rebate NSW to vary depending on your solar system size. Also, the difference can be seen because of the difference in local solar schemes and programs.

These are two main Solar Power Rebate NSW. You can take full advantage of both to cut down the cost of your solar system while saving big in the long run.

However, all your hopes are going to remain a castle of sand near the seashore, unless you choose the right solar installer NSW.

Selecting The Right Company

Every solar company handles the rebate for customers. However, it is a very small part of the solar system. The main goal is to get the maximum energy-producing system functioning well in the long run while saving big.

This is possible in one situation—by choosing the right solar installer NSW!

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In this particular blog, we got to know about so many things regarding Solar Power Rebates in 2021.

If you have decided to go solar, you must be aware of all the necessary information about solar systems.

Hopefully, we have provided you a profound knowledge of Solar Power Rebates and what kind of advantages you can get from it.

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