Health & Safety Issues in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Thinking of making career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering??

Well then its important to be aware of health and safety issues associated with this career!!

Even its actually importance for any career

We are explaining here the health and safety issues in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, starting from the brief overview.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who’ve pursued Aircraft Maintenance Course for recognized institute are responsible for proper inspection and repair of aircrafts & systems in hangers and on the airfield. A good training and work practices ensure the safety of aircrafts and the workers.

Work at a steady pace be cool at the working spot. Never enter the flight-line without the permission of airfield controller.

Avoid loose clothing and jewelry to prevent entanglement with any moving part. Keep your hair tied back.

Noise and vibrations are common to the working spot in Aviation. So, you should take precautions, such as wearing ear protection.

Some more Health and Safety Issues you may have to face in Aviation include:

Health Risks

Several aerospace engineers usually work in non-typical hours. So, their risks of physical & psychological defects is assumed to be much more than that of typical day workers. It may result as work-related schedule disruptions (as affecting sleep and social life).

Effect of shift work on health

Many aircraft-companies maintain an around-the-clock (24/7) maintenance schedule for sustaining operations to the high level. They work in different shift patterns and time schedules that leads to some psychological disorders.

We have now covered some health issues. Let’s turn to safety for aircraft maintenance engineers.

Safety Issues

The two factors that lead to occur an accident are: a potential hazard and a potential victim. To reduce the chances of being a victim, we need to be cautious of our surroundings.

The Hazards and Risks you find in Aircraft Maintenance is very similar to those in construction industry.

A few additional risks specific to the airline industry include the non-linear shape of the aircraft, the importance of avoiding damage to the outer surface & structure of the plane.

The employer must ensure the safety of their access equipment for employees to use. The workers must perform maintenance to the variety of different equipment used to access the aircraft. It includes work platforms, decking docking and different types of scaffolding etc.

Personal Protective Equipment

The selection of appropriate protective equipment is based on professional expertise and common sense. It needs to survey the area and determine the possible hazards. A proper safety training can help you much to determine the appropriate safety equipment.

Here, the possible hazards may include:

  • Motion hazards
  • Electrical hazards
  • Chemicals
  • Harmful Dust
  • Heat
  • Vapors

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Health & Safety is such an important issue you must be aware of before proceeding in any field. We would have explained some of the factors causing hazards, and how to protect yourself from the hazards in Aviation Sector.

Additionally, we have mentioned Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA), the best college offering Aviation Course in Patna.

Hopefully, if aerospace engineering profile is your dreamt career, this information would have helped you to some extent.