Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh – Best Neuropsychiatrist in Patna

Are you in search of good neuropsychiatrist in the Patna? Looking for the best doctor to treat mental disorders? So, you are the right place, dear reader. Today we will tell you about one of the most experienced and the best in his field, the best psychiatrist in Kankarbagh, Patna Dr Vivek Pratap Singh.

Before we tell you more about Dr. Vivek, lets first have a brief idea about what is Neuropsychiatry.


Neuropsychiatry is basically the mental health disorders which happens due to problems in nervous system. The special type of psychiatrist having the knowledge of both psychiatric and neurological disorder addresses these issues and is known as Neuropsychiatrist.

The disorders in the cerebral system of your brain sometimes lead to psychiatric symptoms. Diseases like autism, schizophrenia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s diseases are included in neuropsychiatric illness. They have a bad effect over the body’s well being and can also lead to impairment, both physically and mentally.

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