How to Fix Rstrui.Exe Error in Windows 10?

Looking for methods on How to Fix Rstrui.Exe Error in Windows 10? This guide is for you… Here stepwise solution has been detailed on How to Fix Rstrui.Exe Error in Windows 10? or Rstrui.Exe Not Working and other similar issues…

‘Rstrui’ is short for Restore User Interface and the extension ‘.exe’ is to indicate that it is an executable file of Microsoft Windows. Rstrui.exe is important for the System Restore program, a recovery tool that allows users to roll back the system’s drivers, programs, registry and files to a prior point in time.

Although the Rstrui.exe file does not pose any threat to your windows sometimes the file does not work properly because of certain errors which in turn hamper the system restore process. This will prevent the backing up of your data and you might permanently lose your data. Nonetheless, we will provide some methods on how to fix Rstrui.exe error in Windows 10 and also show how you can tackle data loss by Stellar Data Recovery Software.

The location of Rstrui.exe Windows 10 is: C:\Windows\System32\restore\. Some common Rstrui.exe issues faced by the users are:


If you face any of these issues then apply the methods given below to resolve it.

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