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Need a Paving Service for Your Pavement in Toronto?

Well, you are on the right page, we will tell you about the best asphalt repair services for different pavement issues.

Asphalt is considered as the most effective and durable paving material. Moreover, it’s assumed to be long-lasting having an average time span of 15 years.

However, for such a lifetime of asphalt pavement, you need to keep it maintained. These specific terms tend to its maintenance which means eradicating the pavement glitches on a regular basis.

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6 Major Factors That Affects Asphalt Paving Cost For Your Driveway

Well, when you are starting any asphalt paving project, the first thing is to decide the budget. After finalizing the entire costing, you can proceed further.

Still, skipping a few essential factors while calculating the overall costing of any project leads to extra expenses. No one likes to spend extra!

Basically, a professionally paved asphalt road has a shelf life of a minimum of years. However, a slight mishap can ruin your massive investment.

Don’t worry!!

We’re here to help you out!! Here we’re going to tell you the 6 essential key factors that fluctuate the budget for your asphalt project.

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Asphalt vs Concrete Pavements: Which One You Should Go For?

An asphalt is a form of pavement produced by combining aggregates and composite materials. It is used for numerous construction and development projects in multiple sectors around the globe.

The majority of residential and commercial driveways these days are achieved with one of the two most productive materials on the market: concrete or asphalt.

Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but in the latest years, asphalt has become the preferred option for property owners or business owners.

Do you know why?

Both are cost-effective, but there are more advantages to asphalt.

If you are paving a fresh driveway or finishing a current one, you are likely asking about the comparative advantages of asphalt over concrete.

Let’s find out these benefits are…!

Benefits of Asphalt Paving over Concrete Pavements

asphalt paving toronto

Here’re the advantages that create asphalt paving Toronto, every property owner’s best pavement preference.

#1. Installation Speed and Fast Usability

Part of what makes an asphalt a cheaper installation than concrete is how simple it is to apply to a project. You can finish asphalt driveways in a short time (often less than three days).

Concrete driveways take almost twice as long to install and the concrete has to be set or cured for up to a week before you can park on the drive. If you need to upgrade your driveway in a hurry, then asphalt is your best option.

#2. Driveway Durability

Unlike concrete, asphalt is not prone to surface shading due to inferior installation, inappropriate mixture measurements, and salt use to dissolve snow and ice. Named ‘ spalling, ‘ this surface shading is an ongoing problem with countless concrete driveways, especially those installed in a rush. Asphalt is also significantly less probable to break over time due to its flexibility than pavement.

#3. Cost-Effective

Asphalt is usually much cheaper to install than concrete. On average, blacktop costs per square foot will be significantly cheaper than concrete.

However, price fluctuation owing to crude oil costs can influence the price of an asphalt driveway.

Because it requires more frequent application of sealant, blacktop maintenance costs may be higher than concrete driveway.

#4. Easier Maintenance and Repair

Asphalt is very fast and simple to repair. By keeping the cracks and frequently resealing the driveways, the significant degradation will be postponed. If there is any minor damage, you can repair it yourself using the recent machinery available on the market.

Concrete, however, typically needs replacement to restore its luster, which is expensive and time consuming to do.

#5. Recyclable

Asphalt is a recyclable material which can be used again and again. Moreover, it is possible to dig up the highways themselves and then reuse them again. This makes asphalt modern-day paving material. The material’s reusability makes it a no brainer when considering the effect of the surroundings.

#6. Asphalt Paving Safety

The material’s safety function links to its smooth finish. Safety characteristics include skid resistance, lower back-splash, and better visual differentiation.

Asphalt can also serve specific purpose, such as water filtration. This enables for fast drainage and greater visibility for drivers in moist and hazardous circumstances.

Still confused between asphalt and concrete?

No need to worry!  We’ve a dedicated team that help customers to take the best decision which one is right option for them-asphalt or concrete.


Main Infrastructure is the best Toronto pothole repair company which provides all kind of asphalt repair and maintenance services. We maintain the material quality and service standard in order to provide you with a durable and revived pavement.

Our  well-qualified and experienced team whose primary goal is to solve the customer’s issue whether it is an installation, repair or replacement, they do it in a more efficient way.

We are proud to serve whether you need business asphalt paving, parking paving, or street paving, asphalt crack sealing, or asphalt restoration.

We have a team of professionally certified engineers who can execute most maintenance and repairs at your site.

Take benefit of our services to repair asphalt and Pothole Repairs Toronto at affordable rates.

For more information on asphalt pothole cost schedule a free consultation with us!

Contact us today for fast and reliable Asphalt Repair & Maintenance services!

Best Pothole Repair Company & Asphalt Services in Toronto

Want to get rid of pothole? You are at the right place! We are the best pothole repair company available in Toronto, Mississauga. With a wide range of asphalt service which meets the construction and maintenance needs of our customer, have made us a favorite choice.

We provide innovative, safe, and reliable maintenance services and asphalt solutions which satisfy our customers. The Asphalt patching services which we provide are:

  • Pothole Spray Patching
  • Infrared Asphalt Patching
  • Manhole/ Catch Basin Repair
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Asphalt Paving Toronto

Asphalt Patching Techniques & Services 

Let us give you brief description of each service that we provide:

#1: Pothole Spray Patching

Asphalt Patching Toronto


Got pothole? No, worries! We have the easiest, cost effective and long lasting spray patching service. Asphalt patching can take over problems like alligator cracks, cupped cracks, areas that are raveling, utility cuts and any other type of repairs. It is the most cost effective and long lasting pothole patching machine that can repair pothole or asphalt patching damages.

In Pothole Spray Patching, crushed aggregate and hot asphalt is combined using forced air. After then the mixture is sprayed on the required pothole to be repaired.

Benefits of Pothole Spray Patching

  • Restores the asphalt surface and underlying structural integrity of the road.
  • Long-Lasting Repairs and cheaper way to go than replacing the asphalt.
  • No excavation of the pavement is required.
  • Repair cracks and potholes in any weather conditions.
  • Perfect for asphalt or cement concrete pavements
  • Cost-Effective Method
  • Ideal asphalt patching technique for repairing cracks that are too large for typical asphalt crack sealing.
  • Minimal Traffic Interruptions & No Hand Arm Vibration issues.

#2: Infrared Asphalt Patching

Asphalt Patching Toronto


Infrared technology has proven its worth in effective repair of asphalt damage also. The overall process is simple, but quite complicated when you will seek the details.

In Infrared Asphalt Patching, first of all the radiation is absorbed into the damaged part so that it could be repaired. In the next step the damaged part is replaced with new material and again heated to repair the damage area.

#3: Manhole/ Catch Basin Repair

Asphalt Patching Toronto


Manhole or catch basin can get into worst position due to high traffic and heavy loads of vehicle and result in the degradation. You may encounter in water penetration and cracked concrete or asphalt around them. If action not take at proper time, then the condition can worsen, and you have to resurface whole asphalt pavement.

We have specialized professionals in catch basin installation, repair, cleaning, repaving, and resurfacing. Our Manhole/ Catch Basin Repair carries out with labor saving, time saving, safety of both people and our worker, which makes us stand out from the crowd.

#4: Asphalt Crack Sealing

Asphalt Patching Toronto


Want to get rid of pavement damage or cracks? Asphalt Crack sealing is the best way to get short of the above mentioned problem. It uses certain materials that fixes the walls of crack. This method is very effective as the asphalts sealing expands and contracts with the pavement which prevent water intrusion and other materials in the crack.

It is engineered specifically to be elastic at low temperature so that the crack won’t open and stable at high temperature it doesn’t exploit on the pavement.

#5: Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Patching Toronto


Asphalt paving is required in most of the building, either it be residential, municipal or commercial. Asphalt paving can be done for driveway, roads, parking lots, interlock paving, retaining wall etc.

We at Main Infrastructure delivers superb paving solutions for all types of project whether it be small or large, which uses latest heavy equipment combined with our professionals.

In Toronto, We are one of the best pavement repair companies as we provide safe, quality and cost-effective solution for asphalt paving services.

Need a Long-Lasting Pothole Repair?

If you are looking out for Toronto Pothole Repair, we at Main Infrastructure provides a complete range of asphalt services utilizing innovative and advanced pothole patching machine to restore your parking lot, roadway, or driveway back to pristine condition!

We have experienced and professional team, which is going to solve all your asphalt issues with the required equipment. From best asphalt patch to surface paving, our expertise can get the job done!

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