How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Pothole in Toronto?

Encountering potholes is an inevitable part of having a driveway. However, potholes can also appear on roads and parking lots.

These are usually caused by numerous factors including, moisture damage, freeze-thaw cycles, pavement base failure, or heavy traffic loads among other factors.

Most importantly, potholes pose a liability to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They can cause flat tires, bent rims, vehicle alignment issues, and, in some cases, auto accidents as well.

Furthermore, if you’ve got “BIG POTHOLES” in your asphalt driveway, it also damages the look of your property.

So, it should be your top priority to fix these potholes as soon as they appear.

Leaving them usually results in a wider damage area that will eventually cost you even more to FIX.

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Best Asphalt Driveway Surfaces in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Have you been adjusting with a crumbling driveway for years?

If that’s the case, you definitely need a new driveway. A nicely done driveway or pathway is the first impression people get of your dwelling.

So, you do need to maintain the elegance and integrity of your driveway at all times. And for that you need an expert team, right material, and the right plan. Here, at Main Infrastructure, we strive to offer you the same.

Asphalt and Concrete happens to be the two most common Driveway Paving Materials. But choosing between these two gets most people stuck.

So, we prepared this guide to help you in deciding the best driveway paving surfaces in Greater Toronto Area.

Let’s get on with it without any delay.

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6 Major Factors That Affects Asphalt Paving Cost For Your Driveway

Well, when you are starting any asphalt paving project, the first thing is to decide the budget. After finalizing the entire costing, you can proceed further.

Still, skipping a few essential factors while calculating the overall costing of any project leads to extra expenses. No one likes to spend extra!

Basically, a professionally paved asphalt road has a shelf life of a minimum of years. However, a slight mishap can ruin your massive investment.

Don’t worry!!

We’re here to help you out!! Here we’re going to tell you the 6 essential key factors that fluctuate the budget for your asphalt project.

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Top 4 Asphalt Repair Techniques to Overcome Frequent Driveway Issues

Proper asphalt repair and  maintenance of pavements is quite necessary, especially when you want to prolong its durability. However, only maintaining the roads on a regular basis isn’t enough.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you’ve tried to keep the pavement alive, it isn’t enough. You have to go for repair…

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Asphalt vs Concrete Pavements: Which One You Should Go For?

An asphalt is a form of pavement produced by combining aggregates and composite materials. It is used for numerous construction and development projects in multiple sectors around the globe.

The majority of residential and commercial driveways these days are achieved with one of the two most productive materials on the market: concrete or asphalt.

Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but in the latest years, asphalt has become the preferred option for property owners or business owners.

Do you know why?

Both are cost-effective, but there are more advantages to asphalt.

If you are paving a fresh driveway or finishing a current one, you are likely asking about the comparative advantages of asphalt over concrete.

Let’s find out these benefits are…!

Benefits of Asphalt Paving over Concrete Pavements

asphalt paving toronto

Here’re the advantages that create asphalt paving Toronto, every property owner’s best pavement preference.

#1. Installation Speed and Fast Usability

Part of what makes an asphalt a cheaper installation than concrete is how simple it is to apply to a project. You can finish asphalt driveways in a short time (often less than three days).

Concrete driveways take almost twice as long to install and the concrete has to be set or cured for up to a week before you can park on the drive. If you need to upgrade your driveway in a hurry, then asphalt is your best option.

#2. Driveway Durability

Unlike concrete, asphalt is not prone to surface shading due to inferior installation, inappropriate mixture measurements, and salt use to dissolve snow and ice. Named ‘ spalling, ‘ this surface shading is an ongoing problem with countless concrete driveways, especially those installed in a rush. Asphalt is also significantly less probable to break over time due to its flexibility than pavement.

#3. Cost-Effective

Asphalt is usually much cheaper to install than concrete. On average, blacktop costs per square foot will be significantly cheaper than concrete.

However, price fluctuation owing to crude oil costs can influence the price of an asphalt driveway.

Because it requires more frequent application of sealant, blacktop maintenance costs may be higher than concrete driveway.

#4. Easier Maintenance and Repair

Asphalt is very fast and simple to repair. By keeping the cracks and frequently resealing the driveways, the significant degradation will be postponed. If there is any minor damage, you can repair it yourself using the recent machinery available on the market.

Concrete, however, typically needs replacement to restore its luster, which is expensive and time consuming to do.

#5. Recyclable

Asphalt is a recyclable material which can be used again and again. Moreover, it is possible to dig up the highways themselves and then reuse them again. This makes asphalt modern-day paving material. The material’s reusability makes it a no brainer when considering the effect of the surroundings.

#6. Asphalt Paving Safety

The material’s safety function links to its smooth finish. Safety characteristics include skid resistance, lower back-splash, and better visual differentiation.

Asphalt can also serve specific purpose, such as water filtration. This enables for fast drainage and greater visibility for drivers in moist and hazardous circumstances.

Still confused between asphalt and concrete?

No need to worry!  We’ve a dedicated team that help customers to take the best decision which one is right option for them-asphalt or concrete.


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Our  well-qualified and experienced team whose primary goal is to solve the customer’s issue whether it is an installation, repair or replacement, they do it in a more efficient way.

We are proud to serve whether you need business asphalt paving, parking paving, or street paving, asphalt crack sealing, or asphalt restoration.

We have a team of professionally certified engineers who can execute most maintenance and repairs at your site.

Take benefit of our services to repair asphalt and Pothole Repairs Toronto at affordable rates.

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Asphalt Pothole Cost & Repairs In Toronto

Pavement problems are the most common issues that you face the entire year. These can emerge due to a lot of reasons. Whether be the change of weather, heavy traffic, drainage issues or having paving glitches, these can lead to several paving distresses.

Several damages may occur on the asphalt surfaces and the most common are the “POTHOLES“.  Potholes are one of the common pavement distresses in Canada. The proper knowledge about its formation, required fixes and asphalt pothole repair cost can turn helpful.  Besides these, you may encounter cracks, pothole, rutting, depression and many other hassling glitches that can turn out to be a headache.

Maintain your pothole and cracks as soon as possible by patching high quality paving materials and best asphalt patch. Here we are sharing brief detail about potholes repair methods that will help your asphalt surface pavement to extend its lifespan.

Everything You Need To Know About Pothole Repairs

Potholes can turn out to be a mess. It will trouble you whenever you are using the pavement. However if you know every little detail about potholes, you will have ease to deal with them.

Why Do Potholes Form?

Potholes don’t emerge in a single day; there can be several reasons behind it. Before going for repair you must first find out the reason behind its development. Afterwards, choose the best-fitted solution, to get your pavement 100% pothole free.

Pothole Repairs

The reason behind pothole’s formation can be poor paving, low-grade quality of paving material, drainage issues, change of weather, heavy traffic or many other reasons. After exploring the problem you can go for the right pothole repair methods.

If you are looking for professional paving services in Toronto, visit Main Infrastructure- The Best Pothole Repair Company which offers standard services for all your pavement needs.

Different Pothole Repair Methods

There are two things to consider for choosing the right option for pothole repair: first is the reason and second the intensity. After identifying the reasons behind the potholes, choose the right option of repair.

#1. Pothole Spray Patching: if the potholes came into existence due to heavy traffic or any mild problem and are of less intensity, then this is the repair option you should go for.

#2. Infrared Asphalt Patching: if the potholes are of average intensity then this is the repair service you should select.

#3. Asphalt paving: if they have emerged due to paving issues or there is extensive potholes problem, then you should go for asphalt paving.

After getting the best repair method for pothole problems, you need to check the Toronto driveway paving cost for getting the pothole out of your parking lot or roads.

Asphalt Pothole Cost

Asphalt pothole cost repairs can be determined on a number of factors. It depends on the repair option you are going for, the area required to be repaired, service quality, materials to be used in the fixing, the company selected for the service and many other aspects.

So, it’s quite difficult to speak on the approx. asphalt pothole repair cost according to your respective requirements.We would suggest you to discuss with a professional asphalt paving company for better acknowledgement.

Do You Need a Cost-Effective Pothole Repair Patching?

At Main Infrastructure, we  provide a complete range of asphalt paving services from pothole repair to residential driveways to parking lot construction, utilizing advanced asphalt patching techniques. No matter, the project is small or big, we offer you a dedicated approach, quality workmanship and dependable results, all at fair prices.

We have a team of experienced professional and technician to suggest you all your asphalt problems with high standard services for Asphalt Paving Toronto.

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