How to Fix Windows 11 Taskbar Disappeared? [Windows 11 Ungroup Taskbar]

With the latest preview version of Windows 11, users are facing lots of issues..& also searching the solutions for how to fix Windows 11 Taskbar disappeared.

Though, the users are continuously complaining about Windows 11 taskbar glitch & sometimes the Windows 11 taskbar missing.

Though, let’s understand the overall Windows 11 taskbar not working issues & also the solutions to cope with them.

Windows 11 Start Menu Not Working

The preview version of Windows 11 produced many errors that you already know, and it also caused problems in the Windows 11 unlock Taskbar.

In addition, when the Windows 11 taskbar crashes, the Windows 11 taskbar will also crash.

However, because the Windows 11 taskbar does not work, then right-click menu has also become slow, and users will receive an error message when they try to click the personalization option. Continue reading “How to Fix Windows 11 Taskbar Disappeared? [Windows 11 Ungroup Taskbar]”