3 Most Famous Body-Builders and Their Steroids Usage

If you are into body-building, you must have seen some famous body-builders and the amazing results acquired by them.

They somehow become inspirations to those youngsters who want to gain the same body as them.

There are so many popular body-builders who have gained massive muscles and ripped body due to their devotion and hard-work. On the other hand, some of them might have got inspired by the regular usage of anabolic steroids as well.

However, dedication and consistency towards your hard-work plays the most prominent role in gaining some real-time results.

We are here with this blog to today to let you know about some of the really famous body-builders and their steroids use.

Some of the Top Body-Builders of All Times

So, beginning with one of the most famous actors Chris Evans, lets get to know more about him and his body-building journey.

As we all know that Chris Evans Steroids had been the talk of the town for quite a while.

What we don’t know is did he really use any kind of supplements to get that body?

#1. Chris Evans from Captain America

Chris Evans from Captain America

You must have seen how Chris Evans in his movie Captain America had gained massive muscles all of a sudden! Well, it became the most talked about event among people.

One of the most prominent questions that stand here is if Chris Evans really took the help of steroids to transform his body?

Many people as well as some critics believes that all the muscle gains, strength and immense power that he gained was merely the results of steroids.

Majority of the health professionals firmly believe in the fact that you can easily gain muscles as bulky as those of Chris Evans.

For your info, he nearly gained muscles of 20 lbs to 30 lbs really quick for the role of Steve Rogers in Captain America.

Let’s see if there are any kind of evidences that can signify the usage of steroids by him.

Evidence Supporting Chris Evan’s Steroids Usage

While there are very less proofs that signifies that Chris Evans used steroids at some point of his career, we can’t deny it as well.

However, the actor himself has never admitted himself to use any kind of steroids to gain that body.

Still, various debated and reviews going on internet have concluded that he could have used steroids especially HGH.

HGH is a really essential hormone that help you in gaining bulky muscles and strength.

However, from the above discussion, we are not sure if Chris Evans has really used steroids. Moreover, you must restrain yourself from using harmful steroids as well.

You should rather choose natural steroid alternatives that can deliver you the same effect excluding the side-effects.

Next body builders that we are going to discuss about is Bradley Martyn.

#2. Bradley Martyn – A Famous Body-Builder

Bradley Martyn – A Famous Body-Builder

Bradley Martyn is a well-known name among popular body-builders. He is admired by every such person who dreams of having a well-trimmed physique.

Bradley has once spoken in one of his interviews that he never follows a single workout routine.

As far as we talk about Bradley’s muscle density, he has got some really amazing muscle thickness.

If you take a glance at Bradley’s belly, its completely full and his muscles look really developed as well.

One of the possibilities of Bradley Martyn Steroids is a supplement named Deca Durabolin is well known for its effectiveness in increasing the muscle thickness.

Moreover, this supplement can even make your muscles look bulkier and stronger.

It is also quite evident that Bradley Martyn used to do intermittent fasting in order to compete with his competitors.

Bradley Martyn’s Steroids Usage

As you might be knowing that Bradley Martyn has got an amazing body and impressive physique.

One of the most common things among all the steroid users is that they have a massive upper body and has a slimmer waist.

All the visible appearance of Bradley’s body suggests to the fact that he has been using steroids.

Some physical gains and the pure transformation that he had got in few years is really very hard to attain naturally.

Two of the probable steroids that he might have been using are likely to be Deca and Dianabol.

However, his dedicated workout routines to gain a ripped physique cannot be overcome by any other substitutes.

Moving on, let’s get to know more about the next body-builder that we have in our list who is Ronnie Coleman.

#3. Ronnie Coleman- Greatest Body-Builder of All Times

Ronnie Coleman- Greatest Body-Builder of All Times

You must have heard about one of the greatest body-builders of all time namely Ronnie Coleman. He was quite famous for gaining the title of Mr. Olympia for 8 times.

He had some extremely big body with massive muscles that he was rumored to be using steroids for that.

According to what most of the people thought, it is quite impossible to gain a body as perfect as Ronnie’s without the subtle usage of steroids.

At the beginning phase of Ronnie Colemans’s career, he somehow failed to make his mark in body-building. However, he came back with pure motivation and dedication towards body-building.

He, later on, successfully earned some renowned titles associated with body-building.

He has performed some massive weight lifting exercises that is quite difficult even for some of the body-builders as well.

However, he later realized that some high-intensity training session has caused some severe damage to his entire body.

He had to go through multiple operations for the fixing. Let’s know if he had taken the help of steroids or not!

Ronnie’s Coleman Steroids Usage

For some year, he used to deny the fact that he ever used steroids for his body. However, there were enough evidences on the internet in the form of videos that speaks the other way.

It was in the year 2011, that the Ronnie Coleman steroids was revealed to people.

In that year, he officially admitted that he had been taking the help of steroids throughout his body-building career.

Although, it was under the complete supervision of doctors. He further said that there is nothing wrong in using steroids as long as you are keeping the dosage in moderate amount.

According to few sources, it is said that Ronnie might have been taking steroids that enhances the growth hormones in the body.

However, after experiencing so many major achievements, Ronnie had finally taken retirement from the body-building career.

Nevertheless, he is still in a good shape and goes to gym to maintain his physique.

So, this was all about some of the well known body-builders and their career in this field.


Every body-builder has their own success story. However, we have tried our best to make you well-acquainted about some of the popular body-builders.

There are so many body-builders who have openly confessed about being on steroids usage. However, on the other hand, some of them like it to keep secretive.

Until now, you must have got all the relevant information regarding each of the body builders.

We thoroughly hope that you found this article helpful and informative.

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