The New Innovation in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Innovation in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Are you here to know about the Innovation in Aircraft Maintenance Technology?

Well, then you have to read the full blog as the post-pandemic came up with the recent advances in aircraft technology, and we’ll be discussing all of them precisely.

As we know the aviation industry is on rage, hence all the aerospace companies are investing just to enhance the latest technological advancements in aviation maintenance.

However, it’s vital that the new technology in aviation maintenance doesn’t only benefits the manufacturers but the whole aircraft maintenance industry.

In the past years, we have seen some desirable changes & innovations in the aviation industry.

Giving light to this, current aviation innovations are a way Avant-grade than we think.

We can’t even imagine being in an airplane, what’s actually happening off the curtain, how many skills & mindset is require to maintain the whole aircraft.

Thus, we are going to showcase to you some of the recent advancement & automation in aircraft maintenance technology.

Innovation in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

The aviation industry is highly human dependent & there has been, so let’s have a closer look at some of the cost-effective advancements & innovations.


Robotics in aviation maintenance is the most helpful.

With that said, the robots are encrypting with a high-resolution camera that records the video & images that are later inspected by the technicians.

In addition, ultrasound & thermic are also done to make the process more efficient.

Note: If you are planning to join Aviation College in Patna, and want to get an idea about the overall aircraft maintenance course, then you should visit the official Website of BIA where they have provided all the details regarding the course, fee structure, placements, etc.

Digital Twins

Digital twinning is an analytical tool that improves efficiency by allowing the cloning of real systems to function properly.


Blockchain is a ledger that consists of blocks that enable the recording of transactions across several computers.

Furthermore, blockchain can be use in any industry & if we talk about the maintenance industry the transactions that are done within the engine can be verify by authorized parties and then stored as data blocks.

Hangar of the Future

The Airbus hangar of the bus technology is the future project that combines various technologies that increase the overall maintenance proficiency.

Big Data

According to the new technology, they are applying the new-cloud based platform that gets all the data from the airlines & also analyzes the machine learning & AI tools.

So, these were some of the Innovation in Aircraft Maintenance Technology with the augmented reality aircraft maintenance.

BIA – The Top Aviation Training Institute in Patna

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics aka BIA is one of the top aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India providing aircraft maintenance courses and was established in the year 1981.

Talking about the location of the college, it is situated on the premises of Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport.

Moreover, it’s one of the best AME College in Jharkhand & Bihar furnishing the finest aircraft maintenance engineering in Patna.

The infrastructure of the college is equip with different modern technologies.

Moreover, also helps the students to understand things in a better way.

BIA Patna ranks among the top 10 AME colleges in Patna & the fee structure is also very affordable.

How to Take Admission in BIA Patna?

To get admission into this college you have to go through the AME Entrance exam conducted by the Institute.

The institute also provides scholarships to the students who rank higher in the test.

The Course Include:

The course covers the training in the mechanical stream and the following training programs:

Category A1

The category A1 license is a basic aircraft maintenance license that covers jet engine-powered airplanes.

Moreover, the holder of this course is authorize to issue “CRS” (certificate of release to service) to an aircraft after minor scheduled line maintenance and simple detect rectifications as per the authorization issued by the Aircraft Maintenance Organization or Airlines employing him/her.


The total training time of the course is 800 hours.

Category B1.1

The category B1 license includes all the privileges of the A1 category.

Along with that, after the completion of the course, the person becomes fully-fledged aircraft maintenance engineer to cover the maintenance, repair, & replace the engine, mechanical, electrical & Hydraulic systems for that type of aircraft.


The total time duration of the course is around 2400 hours.

However, to apprehend more about the aircraft maintenance engineering course details, you can visit the official website of the college.

The Conclusion

So, here we end the blog “Innovation in Aircraft Maintenance Technology”.

Hope you find this blog informative. Nonetheless, if you have any further queries, just ask us in the comment section below.

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