What To Wear After Knee Replacement Surgery

What To Wear After Knee Replacement Surgery


Knee Replacement Surgery can help relieve pain and enable you to live a fuller, more active life. Since it’s a complex process, there is a need for some precautions that should be taken before going for the surgery.

Therefore, it is important to give yourself time to prepare for the physical, psychological, and social aspects of the Total Knee Replacement. Planning ahead for the challenges of surgery and recovery will help ensure a more successful outcome.

Thus, the main purpose of this blog is to include some practical tips to help you get ready for surgery and What to Wear after Knee Replacement Surgery.

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What To Wear After Knee Replacement Surgery

Are you wondering what to wear after knee replacement surgery? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Wearing the right clothes will be important during surgery and during your recovery. Therefore, in this blog, we will tell you What to Wear after Knee Arthroscopy or Surgery.

You must wear some:

  • Comfortable sweater or shirt
  • Comfortable shorts you can do exercises in
  • Warm socks with good grips on the bottom

Although the surgery will be short-lived, and the recovery will take a few months. Therefore, you won’t have to wear these clothes for a long time.

In addition to that, post Knee replacement surgery you have to start brisk walking, therefore, sports shoes are the Best Shoes to Wear after Knee Replacement.

Precautions after Knee Replacement

Post-total knee surgery, you will have to take some precautions. Here are some of the answers What Not to Do after Knee Replacement Surgery:

  • Don’t cross your legs
  • Don’t kneel and place anything behind your knees
  • A pillow or any item for that matter should not be placed behind the knees
  • If elevation and/or support is needed under the operative leg, it is to be placed under the heel
  • You will also be asked not to torque or twist on your new knee
  • You also have to avoid running, trekking, and playing contact sports like football, cricket, etc.

Sometimes Physical therapy sessions can help to strengthen the muscles around the knees and make it more stable for the mechanical movements.

Therefore, doctors might recommend working with a physical therapist as it helps to avoid injuries or further worsening of an injury.

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Equipment Needed after Knee Replacement

A knee replacement patient will need some help at home post-surgery for several days to several weeks after discharge.

Therefore, before going to the hospital for surgery, set up your home to make your recovery and life easier when you come back. Do this well in advance of your surgery.

Preparing your Home

People generally search for Best Chair to sit in after Knee Replacement and How to Sleep after Knee Replacement.

The following tips give you the answer to these questions and help you to make the homecoming more comfortable, and can be addressed before the surgery:

  • Rearrange furniture so that you can maneuver with a cane, walker, or crutches. You may have to temporarily change rooms to avoid using the stairs.
  • Remove any throw rugs or area rugs that could cause you to slip. Securely fasten electric cords around the perimeter of the room.
  • Get a good chair – one that is firm with a higher-than-average seat and has a footstool for intermittent leg elevation
  • Install a shower chair, gripping bar, and a raised toilet seat in the bathroom.
  • Use assistive devices such as a long-handled shoehorn, a long-handled sponge, and a grabbing tool or reacher to avoid bending over too far.


How much Walking after Knee Replacement

To gain quick motion and recovery post knee replacement surgery the doctor recommends to do Knee Strengthening Exercises such as Brisk walking, swimming, cycling, and elliptical machines.

Many people think that – Can they Damage a Knee Replacement?

The answer is yes, they can be damaged, if they do not follow the instructions given by the doctor. Or if they do some heavy Knee Replacement Exercises such as jogging, long jump, squats.

This is because heavyweight training requires a lot of pressure which may damage the new knee implant and increase the pain.


The Takeaway

Knee replacement surgery is a complex process, thus it is necessary for the person as well as the surgeon to take all such precautions and preventive measures.

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So, this was all about this blog and we hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. Now we will now put an end to this blog – “What To Wear After Knee Replacement Surgery.

Also, if you want us to write more such blogs, then leave a comment in the comment box below.

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  1. It’s good to learn that you should go to a physical therapist after knee replacement surgery. My brother is wanting to improve his mobility and he was wondering how he could recover from knee surgery if he gets it. I’ll be sure to tell him that he should see a physical therapist after he gets knee surgery.

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