What Causes Hair Loss In Young Male? [Top 5 Reasons]

why do young guys lose hair

Thick hair has always been a sign of masculinity and youthfulness.

But when men start to get bald, they not only lose hair but also their confidence.

Moreover, it is believed that hair loss is a problem for middle-aged or older men.

But the truth is it can happen at any age and these days the traces of hair fall can be seen in young males.

And while stress, pressure, and hormones are the obvious answers behind hair loss in older men, what’s the reason for the same in young men; why do young guys lose hair?

The reason could be anything.

However, the search for hair loss prevention on steroids makes it clear that one of the reasons could be bodybuilding and the use of steroids.

We’ll discuss more about it later.

I’m sure if you’re under 25, you must have already witnessed some level of hair loss.

But don’t panic!

We have discussed the reasons behind and possible solutions for hair loss at 23 in males.

Why Do Young Guys Lose Hair?

What causes baldness in young males is a hot topic in research.

And while 50% of the male population experience hair loss by the time they age 50, 25% of bald men see their first signs of hair loss before they turn 21.

In fact, in research, it was found out that nearly 16% of men between 18 -29 years get affected with moderate to extensive hair loss.

But what causes it?

Most of the time, the reason behind the early receding hairline in young males is hereditary.

But there could be other reasons as well.

So, let’s find out…

What Causes Hair Loss In Young Male?

What causes hair loss in young male

For most teen males, hair fall has become a fact of life.

And while most of the time, genetics are to be blamed; it’s not that there couldn’t be other factors to consider.

Here are some of the causes of hair loss in young guys:

#1. Underlying Medical Conditions

There are certain diseases and medical conditions that cause hair fall.

For instance, thyroid disorders like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, fungal infections can lead to sudden hair fall.

Whereas, diseases like lupus can create permanent hair loss and scars on the scalp.

#2. Lifestyle Choices

There isn’t a parent who is not fed up with the lifestyle choices of Gen Z.

Lack of protein, iron and key vitamins in their diet, excess weight gain are all linked to hair thinning and give rise to the symptoms of male pattern baldness at a young age.

Lifestyle choices also include the use of steroids to build muscles.

And hair loss after steroid cycle is both common and obvious because it heavily fluctuates the hormones.

Not to forget the numerous trendy diets and weight loss plans to achieve perfect figure leads to abnormal weight loss and also tells why do young guys lose hair.

#3. Stress And Traumatic Experience

In today’s environment, you cannot duck stress and go on to live happily.

And when it comes to young males, they face the stress of education, career, relationship, and more.

Severe stress, anxiety, and traumatic experiences can also give rise to unhealthy hair fall in young men.

#4. Improper Hair Care

If we are talking about why do young guys lose hair, improper hair care could be one of the reasons.

Constant bleaching routine, excessive use of hair gels & sprays, and employing hairstyles that consistently pull your hair from roots damage the hair follicles and your scalp.

These generate hair loss and lead to traction alopecia.

#5. Heredity And Hormonal Factors

Male pattern baldness can occur at any age and is also the primary reason behind hair loss in men.

It mostly takes place because of the mix of genetic and hormonal factors. It can happen even if you are healthy and fit.

And although this kind of hair loss is permanent, it can be treated.

The causes of hair loss in young guys range from medical conditions to bad hair care.

And though it’s common to witness the first signs of hair loss in your early 20s, always know that it can be treated if quick necessary steps are taken.

Having said that, let’s conclude this blog with how do you stop balding at young age.

Before You Go!

How do young men prevent hair loss?

Well to an extent depends upon the cause behind the hair loss.

For instance, if it’s hereditary, hair transplantation could be the only possible treatment.

Nevertheless, some of the common hair loss at 20 male solutions is:

● Use ample hair-friendly nutrients and vitamins.
● Make distance from unnecessary hair products and scalp-damaging hairstyles.
● Try to quit smoking.
● Limit your steroid use if you want to see hair on your head. Most young bodybuilders look for how to stop hair loss after steroid cycle.
● Take medical help if your suspect an underlying medical condition to be the culprit behind your hair falls.

Don’t wait for those first signs of hair receding to show up!

Even if you’re into bodybuilding and steroids, take early steps to figure out how to prevent hair loss from steroids.

If you are in your early 20s already, it’s better to adopt good habits and healthy lifestyle changes for optimal hair growth and also to prevent hair loss at a young age.

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