Should You Quit Sugar for a Month – Are There Real Benefits?

Why Should You Quit Sugar

Sugar is quite an addiction. It is an all-time favorite dessert winner. But there has been a trend of giving up sugar due to many studies on its harmful effects.

So, What Happens When You Give Up Sugar?

Before exploring that, let’s check out the top reasons for quitting sugar for at least a month.

Why Should You Quit Sugar for at least a Month?

Quitting sugar can have a whole range of benefits for your physical and mental wellness.

#1. Increase in Acne and Eczema

An increase in adult acne is the result of high sugar intake in the body. With more sweets available to us, there are more chances of acne and other skin diseases.

#2. Impacts Hormones

Hormone imbalance is an everyday problem in people today. A third of the population suffers from PCOS and PCOD. And one of the major contributors is sugar.

#3. High Risk of Cancer

One of the most significant reasons why you should quit sugar is cancer prevention.

Cancer is a product of the multiplication of cells. The major regulator of cancer is sugar. In fact, sugar regulates the chain of reactions.

#4. Slow Metabolism

Drowsiness is a product of decreased metabolism. The major contributor to such stimulation is sugar. 

Despite a lack of appetite, cravings make it compulsory to eat and binge on sugary foods. This, later on, leads to obesity.

#5. Adverse Impact on Immunity

Immunity weakens due to the intake of preservatives, sugary, and cheesy foods. The lack of fresh fruits and vegetables adversely affects immunity. 

Sugar, then, acts as a succulent and takes the goodness out of your body.

#6. Linkage to Heart Risks

Heart risks often increase due to the intake of sugar. It clogs the heart and increases the risks of strokes and high blood pressure.

#7. Leads to Addiction

Just like cigarettes and alcohol, sugar is so addictive that it causes a person to have mood swings. Many therapists check for symptoms of sugar addiction too.

Moreover, Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms make it more likely to fall back into the same patterns. 

#8. Adverse Effects on Mental Health

Mental health gets triggered by a lack of fresh food. Sugary components put mental health at severe risk. The hormonal effects and diabetes add to this bad impact.

So, these were the main reasons why you should quit sugar.

Then again, we must ask What Happens If You Give Up Sugar For A Month? The key benefits lie in better health, weight loss, and beautiful skin.

Benefits of Cutting Out Sugar

Here are some of the top benefits of leaving sugar out of your diet:

#1. Better Skin

Flawless skin is a product of perseverance and low sugar. The aging of the skin is partly due to sugar, according to several studies.

#2. Decrease in Abdominal Fat

High abdominal fat is the result of sugary and cheesy meals. The burning of abdominal fat is the most difficult thing to do. 

However, toned abs and bodybuilding results become easy to attain by cutting out sugar. 

#3. Weight Loss

Sugar hampers metabolic activities. It can be a real obstruction in achieving weight loss results.

Hence, giving up on sugar can help keep track of weight loss goals.

#4. Lower Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is the most common consequence of high sugar intake. Type 2 diabetes is so common that even teenagers can have it. So, giving up on sugar helps lower the risk of diabetes.

#5. Better Liver Health

As addictive as alcohol, sugar affects your liver adversely. Giving up on sugar helps in detoxification. The liver can function better, and it shows through the glow on your face.

#6. Sound Sleep

Sleep is regulated through glucose level and brain stimulation. The ups and downs in sugar levels are a product of high sugar intake.

You can fix insomnia and hyperactivity by curbing sugar intake.

What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Sugar?

Ever wondered what goes on inside your body when you avoid eating sugar?

Check out the changes you can expect right away and in the long run:

#1. Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

Sugar is an addiction. So, giving up on it can lead to one complication: Sugar withdrawal symptoms. 

Observing anger, mood swings, and depression is common. But the real battle is to stick with your new no-sugar diet.  

#2. Healthy Weight

Lack of sugar helps the body regain nutrients. Almost everybody’s illness relates to high sugar addiction. 

Thus, getting away from such an element would lead to a “healthy weight”.

#3. Lower Artificial Sugar in Your Body

Milk, fruits, and vegetables have enough sugar to sustain the body’s needs. But the high dose of artificial sugar makes things unhealthy. Giving up sugar helps in lowering down artificial sugar intake.

#4. Decrease in Triglycerides

Triglycerides result in clogging of arteries. In the worst case, it can even result in a stroke. 

Again, beverages, desserts, and artificial sugary items are responsible for increasing triglycerides. So, it’s a huge load off the heart if you give up on sugar.

#5. Oral Hygiene

The blackening of teeth or cavities occurs due to the intake of sugar. Excessive eating of sugar damages the enamel of your teeth.

Further, it gives a bad odor to the mouth and weakens the teeth. So, for fresh oral hygiene, give up on SUGAR.

Wrapping Up

We hope now you have all the reasons for why you should quit sugar right now.

Well, sugar is a great addition to food, yes. But it has adverse effects on health. From diabetes to cancer and bad oral hygiene to liver complications, they are too much of a bad guy in the body.

Artificial sugary products have reduced natural sugar intake. Thus, it has become easier to fall into addictions.

Switching to a healthier diet by giving up on sugar is quite a good solution. The initial days will be struggles, but after a while, natural sugar is the way to go. Taking up the giving up sugar challenge might help you more than you imagine!

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