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Yoga for Healthy Skin


Skin being the largest organ of the body asks for just simple application of products. And what else can be as simple and affordable as exercises and yoga for skin. A mindful practice of exercise and Yoga for healthy skin allows you to treat your skin with love while reacquainting yourself with your inner self.

Not only does it make your mind more active and open, but it also enables you to get a good, toned body. This also increases the flow of the blood and flushes out our body toxins. Yoga practice also helps to strengthen your core and improve your immunity.

Air pollution, UV rays, fluctuating weather, and your body’s hormonal imbalance take a toll on your skin. It makes you look dull and unhealthy. In the market, several creams and lotions marketed by Top Dermatology Product Manufacturers in India, promise to bring back the skin glow.

But, we all know how effective these creams are and if by practicing Yoga, you can get healthy, glowing skin naturally, then why would you like to go for some costly skin treatments?

Therefore, we have prepared a set of Best Yoga for Healthy Skin that just do wonder within months in making your skin glow.


8 Effective Yoga for Healthy Skin and Face

To get beautiful and glowing skin, we all need to do some yoga asanas. It has been practiced for several years and is known to give brilliant results.

There are several Yoga poses to get healthy, fair and clear skin, but here we mention some simple and best Yoga for Healthy Skin and face.

Breathing Exercise (Pranayama)

Here are steps of Yoga for Healthy Skin Breathing Exercise. First, sit on the floor, and cross your legs. Keep your back straight and breathe normally.

Now breathe in profoundly using both your nostrils. Count till ten. Hold your breath. Count for another ten seconds and then release. You can do this exercise for five minutes. This is how to do facial Yoga for fair skin.

Headstand Pose

To do this simple Yoga for Clear Skin headstand, keep a yoga mat on the floor and sit on it in a kneeling down position. Next, bring your hands to your head with your elbows on the ground and palms interlocked.

Take a few breaths and lift your body to a mountain-like position. After that, lift one leg slowly and naturally lift the other one too. Do this only with professional help.

Corpse Pose

To do the Corpse Pose or Savasana, you can lie down on the floor flat with your eyes closed. Remove all negative thoughts and relax permanently. Now stand up straight with your legs apart and take ten quick breaths with your face covered with your hands.

Rub the skin of your eyes, face, and forehead, and retake ten breaths. Then rub your face with your fingers and breathe properly again. This is an excellent yoga for a healthy body and glowing skin. This is amazing face yoga for glowing skin

Surya Namaskar

The Surya Namaskar has around 12 different poses and is the Yoga for Skin Problems. It removes all the stress and toxins from your body and provides a natural glow to your skin eventually. Surya Namaskar is beneficial for women also. In this way, you can do Yoga for glowing skin with exercise. This is also good yoga for body shape and skin glow.

Twisted Seated Pose

The Twisted Seated Pose is the best Exercise for Glowing Skin and Hair. To do the twisted seated pose sit on the mat cross-legged with your hands extended to the sides.

Breathe deeply and shift your left hand on your right thigh and twist your torso. Exhale while you are turning your body. Hold for thirty seconds and then do the same on the left side.

Child Pose

To do the child pose, sit in a kneeling position, but your buttocks towards your heels as you begin to stretch your body down and forward. In this position, rest your arms on the floor and your stomach on your thighs. Then rest the forehead on the mat. Do this Yoga for Healthy Hair and skin for just five minutes a day.

The Cobra Pose

This posture opens up the chest and reduces the pressure, tension and fatigue and is one of the Yoga Mudra for Beautiful Face. This posture will provide your organs with proper amounts of oxygen and will increase your lifespan as well.

For doing this asana, you will have to lie down on your stomach, then with the help of the arms slowly stretch bring the upper body upwards by forcing the head towards the ceiling. The palms should be facing the ground. This is one of the best yoga exercises for glowing skin.

The Triangle Yoga Pose

The Triangle Yoga Pose is one of the best yoga poses which provided mind and body support. It brings peace to mind and relaxes the body. This is popularly known as one of the most successful yoga for fair skin complexion. A lot of heavy breathing should accompany this Yoga for getting the best out of this technique.

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By integrating these poses of Yoga for Healthy Skin in to your daily routine, you will not only enhance your skin’s appearance but also strengthen your muscles and relax your mind.

Embrace Yoga and bring positivity to your life and enjoy the many beneficial aspects of it. We hope you liked our blog on Yoga for Healthy Skin.

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