Hip Replacement Recovery Tips | What Not to do after Hip Replacement Surgery

Tips For Successful Hip Replacement Recovery


This Hip Surgery Recovery Blog will guide you with all important facts and Tips for Successful Total Hip Replacement Recovery. You will also get to know about some Patients’ real experience of post-Total Hip Replacement Recovery Stories.

But, before that let’s gain some insights about Hip Replacement Surgery and what leads to the need for Total Hip Replacement Surgery.


What Leads to the Need for Hip Replacement Surgery?

That painful aching, and stiff hip has reduced your daily activity and let you always bed-ridden and you can’t enjoy your life playing with children, walking, jogging.

Then, Hip replacement surgery is the best option for it and you can enjoy your life easily.

A Total Hip Replacement is the surgical procedure of the removal of a painful hip joint and its replacement with artificial joints. These artificial joints are generally made of plastic and metal components which help to reduce pain and improves functions of the hips and make walking easier.

This surgery requires intense care about hygiene, and the recovery process should be successful which the only sign for a successful surgery is.

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Total Hip Replacement Recovery Timeline

As soon as surgery completed, the doctor advises to go home the next day and it generally takes six weeks to recover from it.

Patients usually stay Take note to be followed by your surgeon after surgery to take care that will boost the recovery process. A full recovery of muscles may take many months, follow simple exercise to help your hip muscles recover fully.

Preparing your home with essential care and hygiene that is required, rearrange the furniture, chair, and soft cushioned bed, and upgrade the bathroom by installing a height toilet.

Post Hip Replacement Recovery

Most likely you will be walking the next day after surgery, take it slowly, and don’t push yourself while handling anything as it can cause injury.

However, 4 Weeks after Hip Replacement, you will feel much better, you can do all your routine self, do household chores, and all other works. But ensure that you shouldn’t handle the weight and walk slowly and smoothly and exercise regularly.

But for Hip Replacement Recovery Time for Elderly, it generally takes 10- 12 weeks to return on your previous schedule, don’t feel frustrated, and just do what you want.

Maintain a good healthy diet and intake a lots of fluid.  Mobility is very important to ensure the improvement of Hip and Leg muscle and to return to a healthy life once again.

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Now, let’s move to the next section to know about some Tips for Successful Total Hip Replacement Recovery.


Tips for Successful Total Hip Replacement Recovery

Post hip replacement surgery, you will have to take some precautions. Do’s and don’ts depend on your doctor’s surgical technique and your physiotherapist will provide you with Do’s and Don’ts list. Just follow them and take care.

Diet is the main part of the recovery process, take vitamin, iron, and calcium supplement, and drink plenty of fluids and regular check of your weight to avoid putting stress on your joints.

Quick Hip Replacement Recovery Tips 

Following mentioned are some of the Tips for Successful Total Hip Replacement Recovery that one should follow.

  • Keep your operated leg always forward
  • Always keep the leg in front as you sit or stand.
  • Use chairs and stool that are high that your knee is lower than your hip when bent
  • As it will swells, use ice to reduce inflammation and swelling, and don’t apply on skin directly, use a towel or ice pack
  • Get into a healthy exercise routine, your physiotherapist will guide you, it will help in blood flow continuously
  • Rotate ankle and do 3- 4 sessions a day.
  • Pay attention to your diet and weight
  • Reduce the amount of exercise if you are in pain. But always stay active and resume your exercise as early as possible.

What Not To Do After Hip Replacement Surgery?

Here mentioned are some points that should be avoided for quick post Hip Replacement Muscle Recovery.

  • No crossing or bending your leg for at least six to eight weeks
  • Knees should be below than hip and sit higher
  • No leaning while sitting or picking anything from floor
  • Don’t turn your foot inward or outward while bending
  • Avoid twisting of hips strictly
  • Don’t bend your waist

So, here ends the section for Tips for Successful Total Hip Replacement Recovery. Now, let’s move to the next section to know about Dr. Ramakant Kumar.


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So, here ends the blog for Tips for Successful Total Hip Replacement Recovery. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

Till Then, stay tuned, as we will be back with more such beneficial blogs…………………..

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