Everything You Need to Know About Benefits of Zinc Bodybuilding

Zinc for bodybuilding and muscle gains

If you are into fitness then you must be well aware of the benefits of zinc for muscle gains.

Zinc is needed in very less amount for keeping yourself healthy.

It has all-around benefits including benefits for hair, skin, nails, eyes, and bones. It also boosts your fertility and strengthens your immune system.

Besides that, it is a supporting enzyme and helps in the production of new cells.

In today’s blog, we will dig a little deeper into the benefits and effects of zinc for bodybuilding and overall health.

What is Zinc?

Zinc is an essential nutrient that can neither be produced nor stored.

That means it can be taken into the body only by outside sources.

Moreover, for a healthy lifestyle, you need to maintain the source of zinc. It can be naturally found in many food items like eggs and red meats.

But you may be wondering how zinc aids bodybuilding?

Benefits of Zinc for Muscle Gains

zinc is beneficial for each one of us, but it is a boon to those who are trying to gain muscles.

Let’s check out the benefits of zinc for bodybuilding:

Zinc is a natural immunity booster: Zinc is a natural immunity booster.

This will give you faster recovery and will strengthen you from inside.

It aids muscle protein synthesis: This is a process through which all your protein adds up to your muscle with the help of zinc.

Increases insulin in the body: Insulin is the hormone that aids muscle growth.

Strengthens your muscles:  Zinc strengthens your muscles for resistance training.

Heals your muscles from heavy exercises: You might have experienced sour muscles while doing heavy exercises.

Zinc intake aids faster recovery from these effects.

Enhances aerobic capacity: Aerobic capacity means the amount of oxygen that your body can transport to your muscles.

Zinc is not a supplement that is limited to gym use.

There are many more benefits apart from zinc for muscle gains in our daily lifestyle.

Improves your bone health: Zinc is an essential part of the formation of collagen tissues.

Zinc is as essential as calcium for strengthening bones.

Many people ask about zinc dosage for bodybuilding.

How Much Zinc is Necessary for Body-Building?

The studies and researches have set a limit on the daily intake of zinc.

This means the maximum amount of zinc dose your body can tolerate.

The UL or upper intake level of zinc is 40mg per day.

So, 20-25 mg intake is enough for you.

Let’s quickly have a look at some zinc-rich foods.

Zinc Rich Foods- How to Earn Zinc Naturally?

Foods that are rich in Zinc

You can easily get zinc from different meat and vegetables.

Zinc can be mainly found in seafood and meats in abundance.

There are also some vegan-friendly foods in the queue.

Red meats

Meats are a great source of zinc, especially red meats.

All kinds of red meats like pork, beef, and lamb have zinc in abundance.

100 gm of serving alone can fulfill 45% of your daily need.


Shellfish especially oysters are one of the leading sources of zinc.

Intake of 6 medium oysters can contain as much as 32 mg of zinc.


Every seed is a good source of zinc.

But to be more particular seeds like hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds are best to take.

Only three spoons of hemp seeds can fulfill 30%-40% of your daily zinc intake needs.


Nuts are packed with good fats, fibers, and zinc.

Having nuts like peanuts, cashews, and almonds can generate a good amount of zinc.


Dairy products including cheese, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese are all rich sources of zinc.

A 100 gm of cheese may fulfill 30% of the daily needs.

Also, these have additional benefits for muscle and healthy bones.


You must have wondered why eggs whites are suggested to those who want to build up muscles.

Zinc can be a leading reason.

Egg white contains a good amount of healthy protein and zinc.

A large can may fill 5% of your daily zinc needs.

There are many more foods that will help to have zinc naturally.

You can pick it from the market according to your choice and needs.

Final Verdict on Zinc for Bodybuilding

Protein may have taken all the spotlights of muscle building.

But you should know that protein can not help you to build muscle alone.

Zinc is needed to add protein to your muscle mass.

You may also take the best zinc supplements for bodybuilding that are safe and trusted.

Even if you can see many benefits don’t overdo it in any condition.

You may face harmful effects if you overdo zinc intake, so try it in the safe zone.

Hope you have found what’s been you looking for.

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