A Quick Guide to Choose the Best Solar System for Home & Business

Best Solar System for Home and Business

Going Solar Is The New Craze For Australian Homes And Business!

Solar energy is the cleanest energy available to mankind. Not only, its eco-friendly characteristics are gaining it a buzz, but there are additional advantages, making it popular. One of the major properties entails a lower energy bill.

Joining the rising number of Australians going solar is a good deal, as it saves a lot from your monthly energy bill. Besides, solar energy has the amazingly lowest carbon footprint making it the most potential energy source.

Nonetheless, going solar can be troublesome when you don’t acquire enough knowledge of the technical stuff. Without adequate information, the right advice, choosing the best solar system for home or business can be no less than a challenge.

Solar Beam, Best Solar Panel Installer NSW, values their client energy requirement and provides with the best adequate advice and info for their clients. We provide world-class solar services and take pride in yielding our clients with sustainable solar solutions to reduce their power bills.

Here, we provide you with the exceptional tips, facts, and advice, helping you to decide the best Solar System NSW for your home and business. Go through the blog, to know what the facts are considered mostly by our expert team to provide you with high performing and efficient solar system.

Steps to Follow Before Buying Solar System

There are a couple of factors, you require to make sure beforehand to select the best solar system for the home.

  • Estimation Of Your Energy Requirement
  • Selecting the best solar system
  • Quality & Best Solar Panel NSW and other equipment
  • Looking for incentive and other government rebate
  • Limitation for installing solar potential
  • Starting your project

Besides, there are several other aspects, you need to consider while installing your solar. For the best solar system for your houses and businesses, get in touch with Solar Beam. Our experts provide you with high performing solar system.

Best Solar Panel Size for Home and Business

When you go solar, firstly, you need to decide the right size of your solar system. For this purpose, you need to understand your energy requirements initially. You can consult with a solar company, they suggest you with the right solar system reducing your dependence on expensive Australian power grid.

However, the energy-producing efficiency of the system is more crucial than its size. Here, we’ve shared small guidelines to discover the best solar panels for Home and Business.

Small to Medium Households

5kw Solar PanelsThe average energy used by a small to medium household with one to four members is around 7,500 to 7,665kwh per year. For such residence, a 5kw Solar System is sufficient for their specific power needs.

Larger Households

large households with members up to six, have yearly energy consumption about 9500 to 10,500kwh. For such houses, 6.6kw Solar System NSW is best.

Small Businesses to Particularly Larger Households: The average energy utilization of small commercial space and larger households with more than six people is about 14,900 to 15,330 kwh yearly. For such heavy energy requirements, a 10kw solar system goes for the best.

6.6kw Solar System

You have to understand your energy requirements, only after proceeding with your solar project. Understanding your energy requirement helps you to select the best-fitted solar system for your homes and business.

The Standard Qualities of Solar Panels

For long-term benefits from your solar panels, your system should have quality panels, equipment, meet government standard and withstand adverse weather conditions. Well, all of these can be achieved by ensuring a few quality measurements.

Check the following quality standards before you go solar.

CEC Accreditation

Firstly, make sure the company you are hiring has CEC accreditation. Actually, that’s very critical to become eligible for SSTc (Small-Scale Technology Certificates).

CEC Accredited Installer

Quality Materials

Next, you need to choose solar panels and other modules made up of high-quality silicone, glass, and other materials. This will ensure your system to withstand the often-harsh climate of Australia. Moreover, make sure you buy solar panels produced by Tier 1 Manufacturer. This will make sure that panels withstand the strong wind, heat and heavy rain.

Best Quality Solar System

Warranties on Both Equipment and Workmanship

Obviously, solar energy is a big investment, you get the payoff in a couple of years. Hence, you need to get a solar system with a sound warranty on both equipment and workmanship. Hence, at Solar Beam, we always suggest you get at least a 25-year performance warranty. Moreover, look for a 10-year installation warranty to avoid heavy charges on workmanship.

Solar Panel Warranty

Best Solar Panel Installer NSW

Thinking to go solar, right? But there are lots of thoughts reverberating in your mind? The technical knowledge can be tough for a newbie. Hence, hire Australia’s #1 Solar Installer, for the best range of solar systems across the country. We provide the best solar system for home and business.

Our Unbeatable Features

  • High-Quality Tier 1 Panel
  • Efficient Inverters
  • Reliable Installation Services
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Packages

Whether you’re a bachelor, a couple, a large family or a small business, our wide range of solar system size and configuration fits your budget and energy requirements.

Our team members are highly experienced and skilled technicians get you exceptional service experience. Our technician can install anykind of solar system including 5kw Solar System, 6kw Solar System, 10 kw Solar System. Further, our ultra-performing and efficient solar system is the reason behind the numerous happy client across Australia.

Have you made your mind? For further information about your solar project, call us now @ 1300-004-077! You would discuss your energy requirement and measure to deliver the best solar system.

Author: Solar Beam

Solar Beam is Australia’s#1 solar panel installer providing best and affordable solar solution to the homeowners, entrepreneurs, and their communities. The shift towards clean, affordable and reliable power in the NSW is most noticeable in the fast expansion of solar panels mounted on the tops of homes and organizations.

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