[TOP 6] Anti-Aging Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

Benefits of taking collagen supplements

Collagen will make your skin look damp and neat, your bones and nails healthy, and your joints wound-free. 

These are the assertions made by the countless manufacturers of collagen supplements that appear in the form of powders, pills, and lotions.

Then, it’s no shock that collagen has served as a sought-after ingredient in the health community for quite a long duration now.

However, in this blog, let’s unravel the truth and find out the real potential of collagen supplements and answer: When Should You Start Taking Collagen?

Collagen makes up a whopping 80 percent of our skin. But, as we age, our bodies commonly start decreasing collagen creation.

Possible Health Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

Because it composes so many significant parts of our bodies, collagen is not only useful but also important to maintain good health. 

However, the advantages of collagen supplements are still argued. However, there is an acceptable indication that they help protect hydrated skin.

It also rids osteoarthritis injury. Though, more studies are wanted into less well-understood benefits, such as reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

#1. Stronger Bones

As you age, your bones become slightly dense and brittle, breaking more easily and taking longer to recover. 

Surveys have shown that daily collagen supplements can enable you to make your bones denser, hindering the aging procedure that makes them delicate and enabling your body to build new bone.

#2. Thicker Hair

While more men go bald, many women also suffer hair loss or thinning as they age. 

In one survey, a group of women with thinning hair saw a considerable boost in their hair’s quantity, scalp range, and thickness while putting up with daily collagen supplements.

Some people have weak nails that break more easily than others. For them, collagen supplements would be useful.

#3. Reduced Osteoarthritis Pain

For people with knee osteoarthritis, oral collagen supplements might act as a favorable pain reliever and enhance joint health.

It may take about three to five months of daily therapy before you see these improvements.

#4. Oral Supplements May Promote Gut Health

In inflammatory digestive situations, such as volatile bowel disease (VBD), there is a gut recovery theory about collagen. 

Some studies reveal that collagen levels are decreased in sufferers with these situations. By taking collagen, you would enable enrichment.

#5. Collagen May Help Your Heart Health

Taking collagen into your coffee may be decent for your heart, too. 

A minor study published in the Journal of Atherosclerosis looked at 32 participants who took a collagen tripeptide twice a day.

Later after six months, traits of atherosclerosis (buildup in artery walls), containing criteria of cholesterol and arterial stiffness, had enriched.

#6. Stimulate Muscle Mass Development

Surveys imply that collagen supplements help improve muscle mass in people with sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass that occurs with age.

In research, 27 frail men took 15 grams of collagen while taking part in a workout program daily for 12 weeks. 

As opposed to men who exercised but did not take collagen, they increased considerably more muscle mass and vitality.

Experimenters have indicated that taking collagen may stimulate the synthesis of muscle proteins like creatine, as well as stimulate muscle development after a workout.

When Do You Start Losing Collagen?

This question invariably relates to when should I start taking collagen.

The true age at which your collagen creation begins to decrease fluctuates among people, but it’s usually around 25.

From here on, the body will create around 1% less collagen per year. Initially, there won’t be numerous obvious differences despite the lower collagen creation. 

Wrinkles and other evidence of aging occur deliberately. Around the age of 50, however, collagen creation decreases significantly, and obvious aging signs appear.


Consuming enough protein is significant to a healthy diet. 

The nutrient is required to support your body in building muscle tissues that are metabolically more effective than fat.

But you’ll need to put collagen in perspective. It can’t be the only difference you make to your food and lifestyle patterns. Strive to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle in any case.

Some best collagen supplements can help you achieve the perfect look without much effort.

Now, you may have a question like: How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

A survey of 69 women ages 35 to 55 establishes that those who consumed 2.5 or 5 grams of collagen every day for 8 weeks indicated plenty of growth in skin elasticity.

So, now you know the benefits of taking collagen supplements and how collagen supplements can be a boon in your skincare and cause an overall health uptick. 

Now, we would love to hear what you think. Leave your thoughts right below!

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