Cheat Sheet: 9 Best Sources Of Protein For Vegan Diet

Best Sources Of Protein For Vegan Diet

Looking for the best sources of protein for vegan diet?

The word protein itself triggers an image of a piece of chicken or an omelet with bacon or sometimes whey.

Typically, protein is believed to be found in non-vegan products only so much so that the word protein has become synonymous with chicken.

But,is it not possible to cut down on your meat intake and not compromise with the consumption of protein?

And what about people who are vegans, will they always be deficient in protein?

Well, not so.

You can be a vegan and yet consume sufficient amounts of protein.

Much of your surprise, vegan protein powders are also available in the market serving vegan bodybuilders and athletes.

NOTE: If you are a vegan athlete or simply trying to be vegan, then read our blog vegan protein powder vs whey to find out which protein powder is better.

Moreover, if you have always been ambiguous about your limited protein choices as a vegan…

Read on to find the variety of options you still have.

9 Best Sources Of Protein For Vegan Diet

Here is your ready to go list for a vegan-friendly protein-rich diet:

#1. Beans

Beans are an excellent option of proteins for vegans.

You can easily include beans in your day-to-day diet, given the versatile nature of beans.

There are several dishes that take just a few minutes to cook.

Black beans, kidney beans, pinto, cannellini, etc are just a few of them.

They are rich in protein as well as fiber content.

Beans are incomplete on their own.

It is, however, suggested that instead of consuming beans alone, you should combine them with other food or simply add them to other dishes.

You can try having beans with rice, an excellent combination, or else add beans in burger fillings, tacos, or soups.

#2. Soy Products

Soy products are the essential items of High protein vegan diet

Tofu, tempeh, and edamame are three protein-rich products made from soy.

The protein content varies with each of the soy products but all of them are amazing additions to your diet if you have given up on animal-based protein.

The nature of tofu is such that it takes on the flavor of the dish in which it is added.

This makes it edible for people with sensitive taste buds and those who do not want to experiment with their tastes.

It is already used as a substitute for meat in a number of dishes.

#3. Lentils

The consumption of lentils in Indian households is quite common.

It is almost a ritual to prepare a dish with lentils each day.

Also, it’s the most used Plant-based protein sources.

And this itself is the reason why you do not need to refer to a blog to know that it is a rich source of protein.

In India, they are most commonly consumed along with rice and salads during lunch or dinner.

This is an excellent way to consume complete food.

Apart from this, Red and green lentils are a rich source of fiber and other key nutrients like iron and potassium.

#4. Chickpeas

These are yet another versatile and protein-rich alternative to animal-based protein.

You can eat chickpeas either hot or cold and you can find a whole range of recipes that contain chickpeas as an ingredient.

Made from chickpeas paste, hummus is an alternative to peanut butter.

#5. Chia Seeds

Chia and hemp seeds are rich sources of protein that are complete on their own.

 These are low-calorie foods, high in fiber content, and contain Omega 3 fatty acids which are quite essential for the heart.

So apart from adding the protein content to your food, they proved to be essential in adding are there essential nutrients to your body.

#6. Potatoes

Contrary to popular opinion, baked potatoes are healthy for your body.

Baked potatoes contain proteins and other key nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium.

One can consume it in the form of hummus and as a substitute for butter.

#7. Dark Leafy Vegetables

Your mom must have insisted you do have more of these leafy vegetables instead of fatty and oily junk food.

This is mainly because leafy vegetables are very rich in protein content.

Broccoli, kale, and mushrooms are a few of the vegetables but you must add to your diet.

You can make dishes containing these or have them simply as salads.

#8. Quinoa

It is a protein-rich grain and a complete food on its own because it contains other essential nutrients such as fiber, iron, manganese, and magnesium.

You can add Quinoa in soups, stews or can also sprinkle it on top of a salad made from baby greens.

#9. Nuts and Almonds

Speaking of proteins in plant-based foods and not mentioning these would be a great injustice.

Peanuts are full of proteins and healthy fats which may improve the health of your heart.

Peanut butter sandwiches are a healthy protein snack.

Almonds, apart from containing proteins, are rich in vitamin E, which we know is quite important for healthy hair and skin.

So, from now on, whenever you crave snacks, you should binge upon these healthy nuts.

So, after all this, a question arises….

Is vegan protein healthier than whey?

Maybe yes because animal-based proteins have a higher biological value.

This essentially means that they contain enough amino acids to form all the proteins that you need.

But when it comes to vegan protein vs whey,  you certainly have a wide range of options for proteins when you switch to a vegan diet.


So this was all about the best sources of protein for a vegan diet.

It is a complete myth to believe that only non-vegetarians can have all the proteins.

Try on any of the above-mentioned plant products and add them to your diet.

There are many other plant-based protein options apart from these and you can go for them too.

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