Weight Loss Issues: Will Skipping Breakfast Help You Slim Down?

can you lose weight by skipping breakfast

Can you really lose weight by skipping breakfast?

There have been several studies on weight loss and breakfast. So much so, that people trying to lose weight are often left with confusion about what advice to follow.

If you’re overweight and pondering over skipping meals, then this blog is for you.

People tend to skip breakfast the most!

However, is there even a connection between Weight Loss and Breakfast?

According to the findings so far, skipping breakfast for weight loss depends on your current health status and eating preferences.

Well, here we’ve got it all covered for you to solve this dilemma once and for all.

In today’s blog, we will find out:

• How important is breakfast: Myth or reality?
• The relationship between weight loss and breakfast
• What happens when we skip breakfast?
• Dangers of skipping breakfast
• Reality Check

How Important is Breakfast?

Breakfasts mean, break-the-fast, the intermittent fast of 12hrs by the first meal of the day. Frankly, many of us have dinner by 9 at night, at the most 10.

The next morning, we eat breakfast by 10. So, this makes for a gap of 12hrs. This much gap is actually required to boost metabolism, let the food digest, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Therefore, many doctors recommend a sumptuous breakfast to start the day royally.

However, the main question here is can you lose weight by skipping breakfast. So, let’s get into that.

The Relationship between Weight Loss and Breakfast

There are several studies done to correlate breakfast and weight loss. When done on one group, surprising results were revealed.

Out of 10, 7 had breakfast and 3 opted for no breakfast. The results showed no loss of weight in people who consumed breakfast.

But the skippers too had no change. Yet, with time, the skippers complained of fatigue, weakness, and indigestion.

So, What Will Happen If We Skip Breakfast?

Well, based on the findings so far, there can be several downsides.

Disadvantages of Skipping Breakfast


#1. Tiredness

The early morning fatigue is often associated with a lack of food. Making it a regular habit affects health in worse ways. Skipping breakfast may lead to severe health issues in the later years of life.

#2. Stomach Ulcer

The formation of acids in the stomach to digest food starts to eat the stomach wall when food is not available.

This leads to a severe case of bloating, laxative effects, and, at times, puts the heart at risk. Any food consumed after it is generally not well digested too. At times, it leads to stomach ulcers.

#3. Migraine

The body gets intimated when hunger gets to an extreme level. This also comes at the expense of severe headaches, even migraines. Low glucose level triggers headaches too.

#4. Weight Gain

The very thing due to which people skip breakfast is to lose weight. But it may backfire.

People compensate for any loss of food in the body by taking in fat and sugary products. This hampers the weight loss mission.

#5. Decreased Metabolism

Metabolism is the way of digesting food and converting fat into calories. But when no food is consumed, metabolism activity reduces. This again leads to weight gain.

What Happens When We Skip Breakfast?

All in all, skipping breakfast is not a good idea. It comes with several disadvantages. Putting weight loss aside, it also gives rise to several health issues.

The body adapts to fast after dinner. Breakfast is the body’s fastest way to supply proper nutrition and calories.

The studies have also deduced that eating breakfast helps in keeping the body full all day. So, the urge to eat between goes away. People with low blood sugar, high blood pressure, elderly, or with chronic ailments are advised to eat breakfast.

Skipping it causes more complications in the body. Some people are not in the habit of consuming breakfast. But if you’re specifically not eating it for weight loss, it is definitely not worth it.

The Dangers of Skipping Breakfast for Weight Loss:

  • Hair loss
  • Indigestion
  • Heart risk
  • Risk of diabetes
  • Mood swings

Doctors say staying hungry is not the correct way to lose weight. Weight loss usually occurs through what we eat.

You will not lose weight if you just skip meals and munch on unhealthy snacks when you do eat.

So, Does Skipping Breakfast Lead to Weight Loss?

Suppressing hunger is a dangerous practice depending on your current medical condition. In fact, it can cause much more complications in the body than one can expect.

There are several ways to lose weight but skipping breakfast is not a healthy one. That’s especially if you suffer from a health condition.

Can You Lose Weight by Skipping Breakfast: Reality Check

The age-old tradition has always stated, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man, healthy, wealthy, and wise.” We are all aware of it. But we still fail to be healthy.

Blame it on the fast-paced world that we have no time. Yet, there is no excuse for not eating healthy. Eating healthy and on time should be second nature for you.

Developing the habit of eating breakfast helps in more ways one can imagine.

As it’s quoted “Eat your breakfast like a king” is even more prevalent more than ever. So, amigos, eat like a king because we have all got kingdoms to build.

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